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This is what you missed at last month’s Psychiatry Congress in Cairns.

RANZCP 2019 Psychiatry Congress

The eagerly anticipated #RANZCP2019 Congress held in Cairns last week was a resounding success – in fact, Emma Laidler, Laura Chen and Stephen Bryant, who make up part of our Psychiatry team say it’s the best Psychiatry Congress Wavelength have had the pleasure of supporting during our 20 years of working with Psychiatrists.

“The overall vibe of the event was jovial. Everyone was in good spirits and appeared to be enjoying the sessions and the location. I met a lot of Doctors who were making the most of the week and heading out for some diving or into the rainforest to explore a bit more of the area on Thursday and Friday. commented Emma Laidler, Locum Recruitment Consultant.

The stunning welcome ceremony from the Minjil Indigenous group was followed by a fluid four-day program. With a focus on the mental health of doctors-in-training and a keynote address from Associate Professor Samuel Harvey, who leads the Workplace Mental Health Research Program at the Black Dog Institute, the tone was set for an insightful gathering of minds.

Laura, our Locum Consultant for Psychiatry Registrars and Junior Doctors, knows too well about the rigors of doctors-in-training. “I believe one of the primary challenges for junior doctors is completing their training, what that trajectory or timeline looks like, and whether it fits in with their personal circumstances. It’s very common for junior doctors to cycle in and out of training due to study demands, health, and well-being. I work with many Doctors to help find flexible locums that allow them to take a break from the regular routine and study. Locum work often provides some much-needed headspace, a new perspective, and re-invigorates their passion for professional development.”

There was a significant emphasis on first responders and mental health. The session devoted to both first responders’ own mental health and their role in dealing with mental health crisis was eye-opening. Fascinating to learn that the Queensland police and ambulance get over 200 calls related to suicide every single day.

Wavelength Stand at RANZCP Congress

Day 1 Morning tea break

The live poll was a great addition to the Congress with everyone casting their vote on various topics. On the eve of the Federal Election, there was an overwhelming call for Psychiatrists to speak out over climate change. Professor Ernest Hunter gave the first keynote address on changing patterns of mental disorders in remote Indigenous Australia and choose to politicise climate change and Adani. This was warmly welcomed by delegates.

With many sessions packed out, the Congress App became a very useful tool with live streaming of all sessions. “There was a wide range of topics covered and I found the sessions based on certain subspecialties most useful - the old age, youth, addiction and child & adolescent based sessions were extremely insightful.” Emma Laidler, Locum Recruitment Consultant.

Another keynote speech of interest was provided by Professor Felice Jacka who spoke about the SMILES trial and evidence is provided in support of funding dietary advice to improve depressive symptoms as well as physical health. You guessed it! What you eat does affect your mental state.

Psychiatry Team at RANZCP Congress

Wavelength Recruitment Consultants Emma Laidler and Laura Chen

Informative, emotional, and engaging, #RANZCP2019 brought together a mixed crowd of delegates from inquisitive medical students to retired Psychiatrists from across Australia and New Zealand. The character and nature of this passionate group of Doctors is summed up perfectly by Stephen Bryant (our Recruitment Consultant), “One particular gentleman I met who stood out was well into retirement but had no plans to stop helping people. He said ‘As long as I can listen and hold a pen, I’ll keep going'”.

So there you have it - another memorable event from RANZCP. If you couldn’t make it this year, we hope to see you in Hobart for the 2020 Congress.

In the meantime, if you’re a Psychiatrist looking for that next step in your career please register with us today.

Alternatively, you can view our wide range of Psychiatry locum and permanent opportunities.

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