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Medical Recruitment Services

Wavelength is one of Australia’s leading medical recruitment agencies and we take great pride in the role we play in delivering Doctors to provide healthcare services across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and the positive impact we have on communities throughout the region. We take a collaborative approach and partner with healthcare providers to address common challenges:

  • Are you having difficulties finding Doctors to meet your exact requirements?
  • Do you need quality locum Doctors?
  • And do you want to reduce your reliance on locum staff?
  • Do you want to build your talent pools?
  • Is the cost of recruitment an issue?
  • Do you want better workforce reporting?
  • Do you want to spend less time on recruitment and more time on patient care?

Our tailored medical recruitment services are scaleable and can be adopted on a standalone or combined basis over the short, medium or long term – with regular results review. Find out more about our suite of employer solutions below.


Our Suite of Employer Solutions

Permanent Recruitment

At Wavelength, we’re adept at sourcing talented and committed permanent health professionals Doctors, with over 3,000 placements made since 1999. We offer permanent recruitment services specifically tailored to your workplace culture and your long-term talent acquisition strategies.

Our recruitment consultants will assist you with individual assignments, hard to fill positions and volume-based campaigns where we are able to staff entire departments.

We manage the complete recruitment process, from shortlisting, credentialing and negotiation, to travel arrangements, referencing and paperwork.

Benefits of our Permanent Recruitment service:

  • Provides access to our extensive network of registered job seeking Doctors
  • Offers genuine partnership with our recruitment consultants who are experts in each medical specialty
  • Provides access to the expertise of our in-house marketing specialists
  • Offers a flexible fee model


Locum and Roster Management

We are Australia and New Zealand’s locum recruitment specialists with over 22,000 successful locum placements made since 1999. Over two-thirds of our business at Wavelength is focused on locum Doctor roster management and we’re dedicated to providing continuity of care.

Outsourcing your roster will maximise your chances of securing long term, repeat locums. And a more efficient roster also reduces the risks and stresses of running a medical locum workforce.

We will partner with you to identify gaps in your workforce planning and proactively predict locum requirements up to three months in advance.

Benefits of our Locum and Roster Management service:

  • We deliver a consistent service from a committed and contracted healthcare workforce
  • Takes away the stress of continually identifying, credentialing and on-boarding locum staff
  • Reduces the requirement to recruit locum Doctors at short notice and therefore reduces potential service delivery risk
  • Eliminates the time and effort required to deal with multiple agencies, releasing headcount to focus on clinical care


General Practice Recruitment

With a proud 20-year history, Wavelength has one of the largest and longest-standing General Practice recruitment teams in Australia, offering both permanent and locum GP recruitment services.

Our General Practice Recruitment Consultants specialise in different GP disciplines, special interests and geographical locations to ensure we offer you exceptional in-depth understanding and knowledge of your recruitment needs.

We currently have over 2,000 General Practitioners ready to work at any one time and our strict selection, interviewing, referencing and credentialing process means we only represent the very best.

Our GP team can also source specialist GPs from the United Kingdom through our UK based recruitment consultants and the assistance of our in-house Regulatory and Migration team.

Benefits of our General Practice Recruitment Service:

  • Provides you access to the very best GPs with diverse subspecialty skillsets and special interests, many who work exclusively with us
  • Allows you to pick from volume or contingent solutions tailored to your short and long- term needs
  • Delivers an exceptional end-to-end service


Executive Search Services

Executive search is Wavelength’s premium search service for senior, strategically important or critical roles. Our search and selection processes are combined with a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment service to deliver the best possible outcomes.

We target our extended referral networks, undertake market mapping and adopt in-depth executive search techniques, including headhunting, to find you the most qualified healthcare professional.

We also partner with our in-house marketing specialists to create effective national and international marketing campaigns to complement our search processes. These include personalised digital campaigns to specifically target potential candidates within your niche medical specialty or seniority. 

Benefits of our Executive Search Service:

  • Creates a tailored executive search strategy for each individual assignment
  • Includes international talent mapping and headhunting
  • Incorporates a sophisticated marketing strategy alongside our search processes
  • Provides structured interview and assessment of prospective candidates
  • Delivers to defined timeframes and agreed key milestones
  • Ensures ease of budgeting with a guaranteed cost structure


Telehealth Services

In the new age of digital health, Wavelength has diversified its core services in the last five years to become a trusted provider of medical specialists via sophisticated Telehealth platforms.

With a growing network of over 95,000 specialists, GPs and junior doctors, we have the expertise to help bridge the gap between technology and your need to provide a highly specialised medical workforce. Our customised Telehealth services will assist you to fill difficult roles and scale your services to provide consistent and high-quality levels of care.

We can work with your existing Telehealth provider, or even provide a bespoke platform best suited to your needs.

Benefits of our Telehealth Service:

  • Reduces wait times by up to 95%
  • Provides quick access to experienced generalists and specialists
  • Generates more appointments and reduces Do-Not-Attends
  • Improves cost efficiencies and clinical management
  • Prioritises your patients to deliver excellent levels of care


Regulatory and Migration Services

For over 15 years, Wavelength has offered expert regulatory and migration services for healthcare providers. We are proud to be one of the only medical healthcare recruitment agencies in Australia that have in-house regulatory and migration staff, and offer these valued services independently of Wavelength recruiting a role.

Our dedicated and trusted team of MARA registered agents navigates the complex regulatory and migration process so you don’t have to. We are highly skilled at finding clear pathways for Doctors against all the odds and knowing the right time to provide the right documentation.

Our longstanding relationships and expert knowledge allow us to minimise processing times and ensure our Doctors start within the quickest possible timeframes.

Services We Offer

  • Area of need applications
  • District of Workforce Shortages (DWS) advice
  • AMC, College and APHRA applications
  • Medicare provider and prescriber numbers, including 19AB exemptions
  • Immigration assistance for subclass 482 sponsorship, nomination and visa applications
  • Immigration assistance for employer sponsored subclass 186 visa applications
  • Immigration assistance for other temporary and permanent visa options

Benefits of our Regulatory and Migration Services:

  • Ensures 100% compliance with all regulatory and migration administrative requirements
  • Minimises processing time
  • Finds pathways for doctors you may not otherwise be able to employ
  • Keeps you immediately up to date on any regulatory or migration changes thanks to our strong relationships with key contacts at regulatory bodies
  • Keeps you one step ahead as we understand the common issues and complications that arise and have the expertise to anticipate and resolve them in advance