Why choose Wavelength?

We have a broad network

We have a broad network

We cover all medical specialties, all seniorities,  public and private. Medical recruitment is all we do and we are proud to do it well. We have one of the largest doctor databases in Australia with over 70,000 candidates. We have made over 15,000 placements in the last 17 years.

We represent the best

We represent the best

Only 35% of the doctors applying to us are accepted as a Wavelength candidate after our strict selection, interviewing, referencing and credentialing process. We have a reputation in the industry for our high standards and for only representing the ‘best’ and most qualified doctors.

We employ the best recruiters

We employ the best recruiters

Our consultants are experts in their specialty. Most have been with us for over five years and have extensive networks. We are proud to be classed as one of Australia’s ‘Best Places to Work’ - we believe by truly caring about employees they will truly care about the service they deliver.

We look after all the details

We look after all the details

We handle the paperwork, negotiations and facilitate visa applications and medical registration. The industry body governing recruitment in Australia and New Zealand (RCSA) audits Wavelength on our quality management and processes and ranks us amongst the top 2% of agencies.

We have a successful track record

We have a successful track record

We have almost 20 years’ experience in successfully placing doctors. Over 90% of our retained assignments result in a successful placement. We look after what we do best, leaving you to do what you do best, managing your department or practice and ensuring outstanding patient care.

We offer tailored recruitment solutions

We offer tailored recruitment solutions

Whether you want help in delivering a doctor on time, every time, a broader workforce strategy or regulatory and migration services we will work with you to deliver a tailored solution. We understand the challenges of co-ordinating a medical workforce and delivering high quality healthcare and will do everything in our power to help.

Our recruitment solutions

Wavelength takes great pride in the role we play in the delivery of healthcare within Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and the positive impact our services have on communities across the region. We take a collaborative approach and partner with healthcare providers to address common challenges:

  • Are you having trouble finding doctors to meet your exact requirements?
  • Do you need quality locum staff?
  • Do you want to build your talent pools?
  • Do you want to reduce your reliance on locum staff?
  • Is the cost of recruitment an issue?
  • Do you want better workforce reporting?
  • Do you want to spend less time on recruitment and more time on patient care?

Our innovative and tailored recruitment solutions are scaleable and can be adopted on a standalone or combined basis over the short, medium or long term – with regular results review.

Our suite of employer solutions:

  • Contingent

    How does it work?
    • You post a vacancy and tell us your requirements, you will be matched with a specialist recruiter who will use our proven recruitment process to find the ‘best match’ doctor.
    • We will manage the whole process, including shortlisting, credentialing, negotiation, travel arrangements, referencing and paperwork.
    • We will only invoice you when the placement is secured.
    • You get access to Wavelengths expert recruiters, extensive database and resources.
    • We do what we do best (finding the very best candidate for the job and looking after all the paperwork) leaving you to do what you do best (patient care).
    • Low risk, we only invoice once you have found a doctor to meet your requirements.
    Where is this applicable?

    For roles that can be filled through Wavelength existing database and networks.

  • Retained Search

    How does it work?
    • We will commit to providing dedicated resource and a pro-active strategy to find the best candidate.
    • Before commencing, we will provide a no-obligation, tailored proposal detailing our approach, timeframes and structured milestones.
    • Once we are agreed on the exact requirements (through a detailed candidate briefing process) we will undertake a targeted search and marketing strategy to find the right person for the role.
    • Project incurs a fixed fee, agreed upfront.
    • A thorough and proven process, designed to deliver results (over 90% of retained assignments are successfully filled).
    • Both sides are more committed to a successful outcome (high prioritisation of vacancy, dedicated resource assigned).
    • A more pro-active and tailored search process incorporates the 70% of ‘passive’ candidates not actively looking for a new role at any one time.
    • Guaranteed cost structure ensures ease of budgeting.
    Where is this applicable?

    Typically, for roles that are:

    • Critical to continued service delivery
    • Require a specialist skill-set.
    • Hard to fill.
  • Locum roster management

    How does it work?
    • Wavelength partners with employers to manage your entire locum roster process, ensuring continuous staffing with suitable locums.
    • Wavelength works with you to identify gaps in the roster and pro-actively predict locum requirements.
    • Locums are selected based on jointly agreed criteria. All locum doctors are subject to Wavelength’s rigorous selection and credentialing process.
    • Our commitment is to manage the roster three months in advance
    • Delivers consistent service from a committed and contracted workforce.
    • Takes away stress of continually identifying, credentialing and on-boarding locum staff.
    • Reduces the requirement to recruit locums at short notice and therefore reduces potential service delivery risk.
    • Takes away time and effort in dealing with multiple agencies, releasing headcount to focus on clinical care.
    Where is this applicable?

    For hospitals and departments who have an ongoing requirement for locum doctors or who want to reduce locum management administration.

  • Recruitment Management System

    How does it work?
    • New electronic platform designed to manage and streamline locum recruitment.
    • Simple to use, modular system to automate steps of the end to end process.
    • Capabilities can be tailored to your requirements, but include adding jobs, checking CV’s and booking locums to completing timesheets and invoicing.
    • Provides real-time, detailed and accurate reporting on locum requirements to inform workforce planning, ensure effective allocation of clinical services and investigate best fit staffing models.
    • Has been found to generate significant cost and time efficiencies (using a state-of-the- art platform being used throughout the UK).
    • Streamlines the engagement of locums, manages suppliers effectively and increases compliance and quality measures
    • Adapted to meet your specific requirements, bringing increased efficiency, oversight and management of your entire medical workforce.
    • As a web based system, can be quickly implemented (within 6-8 weeks) with a variety of training tools provided to make the transition as smooth as possible.
    Where is this applicable?

    For hospitals and departments who want to streamline the engagement of locum recruitment, generate cost efficiencies and have more oversight of requirements, for pro-active workforce planning.

  • Regulatory and Migration Services

    How does it work?
    • Wavelength is one of the only agencies in Australia to have in-house regulatory and migration services.

    • Our team of experts provide help and guidance for both healthcare employers and doctors, from lodging applications for Area of Need, College, AHPRA and Medicare Provider Numbers, to providing advice for District of Workforce (DWS), the 457 visa process as well as permanent visa options.

    • As well as including these services as part of our recruitment offering, Wavelength now offers these services independently of Wavelength recruiting the role.

    • We have defined Wavelength processes and quality standards for all regulatory and migration assignments.

    • If we’re recruiting for you, you can rest assured we’ll manage the regulatory and migration paperwork quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, if you have found the perfect candidate but don’t know how to get them registered, or need any help with other regulatory and migration services, we can help with that too.

    • Our specialist migration agents are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registrations Authority (OMARA) and they offer tailored advice for medical practitioners.

    • Regulatory consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory processes and specific requirements for each medical specialty.

    • We have strong relationships with key contacts at regulatory bodies for up to date information and to facilitate ease of processing.

    • The team understands common issues and complications that arise and have the expertise to anticipate and resolve them in advance.

    Wavelength adheres to the Code of Conduct of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

    Where is this applicable?

    These services are provided inclusive to healthcare employers when Wavelength is commissioned to recruit a role.

    Alternatively, these services can be provided to both healthcare employers and doctors independently of Wavelength recruiting the role. For more information contact our Regulatory and Migration team on + 61 2 8353 9098 or email rms@wave.com.au


Don’t take our word for it,
see what our healthcare employers say about us...

“The biggest "plus" for me in dealing with Wavelength has been in the quality of its people and hence resulting quality of its service. The quality of doctors recruited for me in three Australian states has been, without exception, uniformly excellent. This speaks highly of Wavelengths professional standards and being fully cognisant of client needs.”

Dr Geoffrey Williamson

Rockingham Peel Group

“It is very apparent that they are competent and of the highest calibre. It has been a pleasure interacting with staff that are professional and comprehend our needs fully. The quality of doctors sourced for us has been very pleasing. They have always been fully vetted and the required compliance paperwork done.”

Tim Smart

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

“Working with Wavelength has been an absolute pleasure. Senior staff met with us to understand our needs, developed a highly successful strategy and achieved what would be impossible for us to do without their depth of industry knowledge. We were provided with ample applicants to fill our specialist and registrar positions ahead of the agreed time-frame and because it was so easy, have engaged a whole team of RMO's as a bonus. We are now looking forward to being fully staffed with happy, vibrant staff at all levels.”

Garry Wilkes

Calvary Health Care, ACT

“Wavelength worked hard and persistently to place an appropriate GP with us. They took the time to discover and understand what both parties required, resulting in a very successful placement. Our new GP is a great fit, it's like she's always been here!”

Kath Teagle

Director, Mayfield Medical Connection

“The agreements with Wavelength have delivered significant benefits in terms of timely supply of quality locum medical officers and financial savings.Wavelength is acknowledged by our medical administration team as one of our top providers. The close partnerships with Wavelength has helped us to more successfully manage our medical workforce.”

Health Service Chief Executive

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Richard has over 15 years experience working in partnership with healthcare employers to deliver successful recruitment outcomes.

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