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Healthcare employers receive the highest quality service from Wavelength to find locum and permanent doctors across all medical specialties and seniorities, including Junior Doctors, Specialists, Consultants and GPs. Over the past 22 years, we have established long-standing relationships with medical professionals and developed an extensive network of +100,000 doctors. More than 1,400 healthcare employers have partnered with us and relied on our medical staffing solutions to find the most qualified doctors to join their healthcare teams.

By working with our experienced medical recruitment team you will streamline your doctor recruitment activities, reduce medical staffing costs and increase efficiencies in finding the right doctors for locum jobs and permanent vacancies to provide top-quality care for your patients. 

We encourage all healthcare employers to contact us to discuss how we can best help you find qualified doctors to fill locum vacancies or find the best doctors for permanent roles in your hospital or medical practice today.

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We’re committed to working at the highest standards in the medical recruitment industry and only represent the most qualified doctors. As a result of our strict and rigorous interviewing, referencing and credentialing process, only 35% of the doctors applying to us are accepted and introduced to our network of healthcare employers for locum work or permanent roles.

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Experienced medical recruiters

Our medical recruitment consultants are renowned for their medical specialty expertise, for being proactive and for going above and beyond. The award-winning workplace culture we've become known for allows us to attract and retain the best recruiters who in turn deliver exceptional service to both our healthcare employers and doctors looking for locum work or permanent career changes.

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Tailored medical recruitment solutions

Whether you need help with your medical workforce strategy, finding doctors for locum jobs or permanent vacancies, or help with regulatory and migration processes and credentialing, we can develop tailored medical staffing solutions so you can focus on delivering high-quality healthcare to your patients.

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Making a difference

Helping communities in need of healthcare and providing the most qualified doctors for locum jobs or permanent roles to ensure continuity of medical care is what we genuinely love to do. We also take a lot of pride in helping local and overseas doctors pursue the medical career of their dreams. Having the opportunity to help healthcare employers find the best doctors to provide high-quality patient care makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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What our clients have to say

  • The biggest plus for me in dealing with Wavelength has been in the quality of its people and hence resulting quality of service. The quality of Doctors recruited for me in three Australian states has been, without exception, uniformly excellent. This speaks highly of Wavelengths professional standards and being fully cognisant of client needs.

    Dr Geoffrey Williamson
    Rockingham Peel Group
  • Working with Wavelength has been an absolute pleasure. The team met with us to understand our needs, developed a highly successful strategy and achieved what would be impossible for us to do without their depth of industry knowledge. We were provided with ample applicants to fill our specialist and registrar vacancies ahead of the agreed time-frame, and have now engaged a whole team of RMO's as a bonus. We look forward to being fully staffed with happy, vibrant Doctors at all levels.

    Garry Wilkes
    Calvary Health Care, ACT
  • Wavelength worked hard and persistently to place an appropriate GP with us. They took the time to discover and understand what both parties required, resulting in a very successful placement. Our new GP is a great fit, it's like she's always been here!

    Kath Teagle
    Director, Mayfield Medical Connection
  • Wavelength have delivered significant benefits in terms of timely supply of quality locum medical officers. Wavelength is acknowledged by our medical administration team as one of our top providers. The close partnership with Wavelength has helped us to more successfully manage our medical workforce.

    Health Service Chief Executive

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