Healthcare Provider Partnerships

Our mission is to secure the best Healthcare Provider Partnerships to deliver the very best medical workforce – a workforce that’s highly skilled and motivated to deliver outstanding patient care.

By taking a trusted, collaborative approach we can help manage costs, services and infrastructure effectively to meet your medical recruitment needs. Our services can be tailored to your specific requirements and designed to address the unique challenges you identify.

Our services are also scalable. We can partner with you to implement and manage short, medium or long-term solutions across an individual department or hospital-wide.

"Today’s market place is changing at such a rapid rate and I strongly believe one of the things we do best at Wavelength is listen to our clients. We’re genuinely inquisitive because it’s the only way we can truly understand what’s actually possible and how we can genuinely add value.

We also care passionately about Wavelength and our clients and we’re extremely proud of the work we do. Our unique and engaging culture ultimately drives us to deliver exceptionally high standards of service."

Chris Riley, CEO Wavelength International