Opportunities abound no matter your speciality or seniority

Your next dream role is waiting for you in our vast, Australasia-wide network of healthcare providers.

Progressing your career in medicine?

No matter your medical speciality, sub-speciality or seniority, our Wavelength recruitment consultants have the experience to find a rewarding, challenging role just for you. We’ll scour our network of over 1,000 hospitals and clinics to match your specific skills, wants and needs to the perfect role.

Select your medical job speciality below to start the process.

Anaesthetic Jobs

Looking for an anaesthetic job in this growing field? Register today and we’ll help you navigate the opportunities.

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Emergency Medicine Jobs

Our team can help you narrow down the opportunities in this varied area of medicine to find your next challenging role. Register to speak to our expert team.

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Gastroenterology Jobs

Looking for a Gastroenterology Job? Secure highly sought-after Gastro jobs in public or private hospitals with Wavelength. Register today!

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General Medicine Jobs

Lean on our more than two decades of experience in recruitment in general medicine to pursue a rewarding and exciting career. Register to unlock the opportunities.

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GP Jobs

With hundreds of GP roles available across Australasia, our specialist team will work with you to whittle down the opportunities to one – yours. Register today to get started.

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Healthcare Executive Jobs

Take advantage of our exclusive access to executive and director roles to find your next challenging leadership position. Register and one of our experts will be in touch.

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology Jobs

Find a fulfilling and rewarding role in obstetrics and gynaecology with the help of our expert recruitment team. Contact our team to start your search.

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Paediatric Jobs

Go big and bold with your next paediatric role as we work with you to progress your career helping the littlest of patients. Register for access to roles that don’t make the job boards.

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Pathology Jobs

We’ll put your career under a microscope as we work with you to find your next fulfilling pathology role. Register to speak to our team about the possibilities.

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Psychiatry Jobs

Take a deep dive with a Wavelength recruitment consultant to explore the opportunities available for those pursuing a psychiatry role. Register to discuss your career with our team

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Radiology Jobs

Scan the opportunities in this exciting area of medicine. Progress to the next challenge or make a lifestyle shift with the help of our expert recruitment consultants.

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Surgery Jobs

Our team will use their skills to showcase yours. We’ll work with you to uncover your career goals and aspirations, then find your dream role to match. Register now to take the first step.

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