An effective doctor is one who is happy and fulfilled. Take some time to dive into the issues that may be affecting your wellbeing.

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Wavelength's Lifeblood Team: Making a Positive Impact

The Wavelength Lifeblood Team is sharing their experiences with giving blood to encourage others to donate life-saving blood and plasma.

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Improving Men’s Health and Wellbeing

With the theme ‘Empowering Good Health’, this year’s focus is on inspiring men to embrace healthier habits and regular health checks.

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Medical FlyWays: Spotlighting Migrant Doctor Stories

Explore the triumphs, challenges and experiences of migrant doctors in Australia with Dr Srishti Dutta.

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Medical Careers Wellbeing

Navigating doubts, challenges and burnout in your medical career path

Delving into the challenges that arise during training, Dr Ashe Coxon offers considerations for overcoming them and emphasises the importance of seeking support.

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Medical Careers Wellbeing News

Fostering Inclusivity in Healthcare: Empowering LGBTIQA+ Patients

Join us this Pride Month as we dive into LGBTIQA+ healthcare with insights from Dr Harry Brown, General Practitioner.

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Black Dog Institute – Focusing on frontline workers

Dr Melissa Black, Clinical Psychologist at Black Dog Institute, explains the evolution of The Essential Network program since its inception three years ago.

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From Christmas to Stress-mas?

The holiday and festive season can be a stressful time for some of us. Read on for our advice on how to make this time as enjoyable as possible.

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Wellbeing We are Wavies

The Black Dog Institute – how to manage mental health at work

Continuing in the theme of mental health, Orlie Beer from the Black Dog Institute joined us for an informative training session on how to create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Medical Careers Wellbeing

What is Imposter Syndrome and how does it affect doctors?

Imposter Syndrome Explained: What is it and do you have it? As part of the Lysn wellbeing series, we explore imposter syndrome

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Medical Careers Wellbeing

Developing resilience to increase your happiness

Understanding Happiness and the role of Resilience. It really is the little things that count when it comes to happiness - it is not just cliche.

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