Divergent Careers

Your only limit is your imagination with a divergent medical career. Be inspired by those who’ve forged a new path.

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Divergent Careers

5 ways to enhance your GP telehealth services

Jo Hughes, Telehealth School and Consulting founder discusses the impact of video/phone consults for GPs and gives tips on how to improve patient experience.

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Medical Careers Divergent Careers

An Insight into the career of a long-term Locum Doctor

Wavelength General Manager, Richard Taylor joined Dr David MacFarlane, Consultant O&G to discuss everything doctors need to know about locum work.

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Medical Careers Divergent Careers

An Interview with Medical Coaching expert - Dr. Ashe Coxon

Wavelength recently met with Dr. Ashe Coxon to gather her views on our new research and the role of medical education and coaching in healthcare.

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Trends Medical Careers Divergent Careers

Is Digital Health the future of Healthcare?

Following on from our recent research "the Changing face of clinical careers", we take a look at the role of Digital Health and its future in healthcare.

Considering a divergent career in medicine
Trends Medical Careers Divergent Careers

Considering a Divergent Career in Medicine?

Considering a divergent career in medicine but not sure what options you may have? Read on to discover some of the possible career paths available to you.

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Trends Medical Careers Divergent Careers

The Changing Face of Clinical Careers Whitepaper

Wavelength International, Ccentric and Creative Careers in Medicine have partnered to carry out unique research on the ‘Changing face of clinical careers’.

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Trends Medical Careers Divergent Careers

[Infographic] Clinicians cry out for diversified skills

Wavelength internationals first of its kind research gauging healthcare professionals' interests and expertise beyond clinical medicine.

SwiftDoc Wavelength telehealth partnership
Medical Careers Divergent Careers News

We're partnering with Swiftdoc Telehealth

We are very pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Australian founded telehealth service Swiftdoc. Find out how telehealth work could benefit you.

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Divergent Careers

Medical career counselling for doctors

We talk to Dr Ashe Coxon about her unique transition into medical career counselling and how she helps doctors to choose the right career paths.

John and Claire - CCIM Conference 2019 Blog
Medical Careers Divergent Careers

Looking for medical career inspiration?

Read about the CCIM Conference and how Dr John Bethell transitioned from working as a doctor into a non-clinical medical career.

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