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Wavelength's Lifeblood Team: Making a Positive Impact

The Wavelength Lifeblood Team is sharing their experiences with giving blood to encourage others to donate life-saving blood and plasma.

Claire and John
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25 years of Wavelength

Wavelength International, Australia’s leading provider of medical recruitment and healthcare executive search services, commemorates our silver jubilee in 2024.

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Our Leadership: On the right wavelength

Our Executive Team members share their insights on the current market and how they see Wavelength making a difference in the future.

Graham Long - Corporate Figther blog
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From Desk to the Ring In 10 Weeks

Wavelength marketer Graham Long shares his journey towards his first boxing match, representing Wavelength, and raising support for Will2Live.

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We are Wavies

Returning Wavies – Why staff keep coming back

Three employees share their experiences on returning to Wavelength after some time away exploring other opportunities.

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Wellbeing We are Wavies

The Black Dog Institute – how to manage mental health at work

Continuing in the theme of mental health, Orlie Beer from the Black Dog Institute joined us for an informative training session on how to create a mentally healthy workplace.

We are Wavies

Wave Worldwide - a remote working opportunity

Tatiana Dewhurst shares her experience with Wavelength's remote working opportunity, 'Wave Worldwide', to re-set and re-charge her batteries in Byron Bay.

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We are Wavies

A Better Me – daily strategies to help with mental health

For Mental Health month, it was the perfect time for Wellbeing Coach, Camilla Thompson to share her experience of mental health strategies with the Wavelength team.

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