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New fast-track process to get more medical specialists to Australia

The Medical Board of Australia is implementing a new fast-track registration pathway to integrate internationally trained medical specialists into the Australian healthcare system.

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A welcome update for NZ doctors

Exciting news for doctors in NZ! Submitting pathway registration applications just got easier with the Council's online myMCNZ portal.

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Investing in the future: Wavelength’s role in closing the gap

In commemorating our 25 years, we celebrate our UNSW scholarship program and how it empowers Indigenous medical students to bridge healthcare gaps.

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Medical FlyWays: Spotlighting Migrant Doctor Stories

Explore the triumphs, challenges and experiences of migrant doctors in Australia with Dr Srishti Dutta.

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Inspiring Inclusion in Healthcare

On International Women’s Day 2024, we reflect on the importance of inclusive women’s healthcare and addressing gender-biased care experiences.

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Strengthening Employer Compliance

Effective 1 July 2024, we go over what the Strengthening Employer Compliance Bill 2023 means for employers in Australia.

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News: Intealth Announces New Integrated Online Experience

Learn about MyIntealth, a new user portal for international medical students, doctors, educators and regulators.

Announcement Changes to Australian Migration Legislation
Medical Careers News

Announcement: Changes to Australian Migration Legislation

Changes to Australian Migration Legislation including tiered skilled visas, grad visas targeted, and student rules tightened. Contact us for expert guidance.

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Charting your course with new CPD management

Starting 1 January 2024, the way you manage your CPD points is changing. Here’s what you need to know and prepare before these changes take effect.

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AHPRA in-person ID check set to cease

The process for overseas-trained doctors to gain registration in Australia is further streamlined with a new announcement from AHPRA.

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