Advanced Resuscitation and Life Support training

An essential course for doctors, taught in an innovative and immersive way.

Refresh your Emergency Medicine Skills

Wavelength and the Australian Institute for Clinical Education (AICE), led by Renowned emergency physician and director of AICE, Professor Paul Middleton are excited to offer an opportunity to complete a new and innovative ARLS course.

Providing the gold standard in resuscitation education, the course is delivered by some of Australia’s leading Emergency Physicians. ARLS combines pre-learning through broadcast-quality studios prior to face-to-face training.

Training includes:

  • Practice in High-Quality CPR
  • Primary Survey and the DRS ABCD approach
  • Airway management to the level of LMA insertion and endotracheal intubation
  • BVM ventilation
  • Safe defibrillation using COACHED

Upgrade your life support skills today, but act fast as spaces are limited.

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An exceptional learning experience

  • All essential resuscitation skills including: 
    • Manual airway opening manoeuvres, 
    • Airway adjunct use, 
    • Laryngeal mask insertion, 
    • Bag-valve-mask ventilation, 
    • Endotracheal intubation, 
    • High-quality CPR, 
    • Safe defibrillation. 
  • State-of-the-art approaches to pulseless electrical activity cardiac arrests 
  • Human factors, and non-technical skills 
  • Unique insights from Qantas pilot trainers 
  • Realistic case-based scenarios, in team member and team leader roles. 

Still unsure what sets this ARLS course apart, check out the infographic here.

Advanced Resuscitation and Life Support training includes:

  • 2 ½ hours of high-quality videos to complete before your face-to-face training day, 
  • One-day face-to-face training session, delivered by Professor Middleton and the ALS team (lunch included), 
  • Networking opportunities after the training session (drinks included), 
  • An online education program, 
  • CPD accredited with ACEM, ACRRM, RACP, RACGP, ANZCA and CICM (RACS accreditation in progress). 
  • Membership of the Advanced Resuscitation Program, offering ongoing support and education. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the ARLS course equivalent to ALS1 or ALS2?

    This course is rated as equivalent to Advanced Life Support Level 2 (ALS2), although with the added online and continuing education components we believe it to be a superior offering. 

  • ALS2 courses usually require two days of face-to-face training. Why is this course only one day?

    To enhance your learning experience, we’ve created a series of high-quality training videos for you to access and complete online, at your own pace, before attending the face-to-face session. This content, covered in 2 ½ hours of viewing time is the equivalent of day one of the two-day course. Delivering the content this way offers a higher quality learning experience and makes it easier for our busy participants to complete the course. 

  • Is the ARLS course approved by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC)?

    While the ARC does not approve or accredit courses, this course does adhere to ARC guidelines. Professor Paul Middleton has previously taught for the ARC and held the position of Chair of the ARC NSW branch. 

  • Is the ARLS course accredited for CPD points?

    Yes.  The ARLS course is accredited with ACEM, ACRRM, RACP, RACGP, ANZCA and CICM.  Accreditation with RACS is in progress.  More information on CPD points can be found on the AICE website.

  • Will I receive a certificate of completion?

    Yes. Once you have successfully completed the online education program, we will send you a certificate of completion. The online component is the assessment section of the course and is emailed to you at regular intervals over a period of approximately seven weeks. 

  • How long is the certification valid for?

    Certification is valid for four years.

Why others choose to take the ARLS training course

  • I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the ARLS course. The course was so practical, so relevant to my current work in regional NSW, and extremely well run by Paul and his team.

    Dr Anthony McMullen, GP VMO
  • I’ve been working in Emergency Medicine and prehospital care for about 25 years, teaching ALS for 22 years, and was Chair of the Australian Resuscitation Council in NSW for almost nine years. I've seen hundreds of cardiac arrest patients and what always sticks in my mind are the words, "I'm sorry but there was nothing we could do..."

    Professor Paul Middleton, Emergency Physician
  • With any busy medical professional, they don't have time to read a novel. Having the videos prior to our training allowed us to have a visual memory, rather than a paper memory, of how we would need to perform.

    Dr Andrew Stephens, Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • ARLS is a breath of fresh air. A one-day hands-on session with pre and post-course education material to reinforce the material. I think the addition of educators with a non-medical background was also refreshing. Comprehensive in the material it covers.

    Dr Benjamin Lui, Emergency Medicine Physician

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