Benefits of Locuming

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, professionals are seeking flexible opportunities that offer a variety of experiences while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Locum work has emerged as a popular choice for many practitioners, providing a range of benefits that go beyond just earning an income.  

Genuine care factor from experienced and well-networked recruiters 

With the support of our expert consultants, you can freely discover the opportunities locum work brings to your career. Our team is committed to understanding your individual needs and aspirations, going above and beyond to find the perfect placement for you. With our extensive network in the healthcare industry, our locum opportunities will offer you the freedom to choose when and where you want to work.  

Transparent communication from a dedicated agency that will negotiate on your behalf 

When you locum with Wavelength, our dedicated team becomes your advocate, negotiating on your behalf to secure fair and competitive remuneration for you. As trusted intermediaries, we prioritise transparent communication throughout the entire process. You can rest assured that you’ll be well-informed about available opportunities, working conditions, compensation details and any additional requirements.  

Speed to market on available shifts 

Take full control of your schedule with locum work, and gain access to a wide array of available shifts through our efficient communication channels like text and emails. At Wavelength, we help embrace the flexibility of locum work, keeping you informed on current opportunities. With the power to take on shifts seamlessly, you can ensure consistent work, financial stability and drive professional growth.  

Opportunity to network and travel across Australia 

As a locum, you’ll have the opportunity to travel across various regions of Australia while building a professional network. Explore new cities while working in different facilities, gaining exposure to diverse patient populations, medical practices, and healthcare systems. Locum work is your passport to broadening your skill set, fostering professional development, and elevating your versatility as a healthcare practitioner.  

Fast track your financial goals 

Meet your financial goals with locum work and enjoy higher hourly rates and added incentives such as travel allowance and accommodation assistance. With the flexibility of locuming, you’ll have the freedom to take on additional shifts, amplifying your earning potential with every locum opportunity. 

Continued support while on assignment 

Throughout your locum experience, Wavelength will continue to guide you with a range of support services. When you choose to locum with Wavelength, you can embrace your passion for healthcare while we take care of the logistics. Travel arrangements, accommodation, timely payment processing and paperwork are managed by our devoted team so that you can focus on delivering exceptional care.  

Locum work provides numerous benefits for healthcare professionals seeking a flexible and rewarding career path. From the support of recruiters, efficient access to shifts and the ability to travel, network and grow in different environments, the advantages are clear.  

Embrace the benefits of locum work and open doors to new experiences. View our locum opportunities here 

  • I decided to locum with Wavelength after being referred by a trusted source. Wavelength has provided me with multiple options and allowed me to decide when and where I locum regardless of the rates on offer. I’ve decided to locum as it allows me the contralateral time to rest and go after my hobbies, travel and visit with family and friends. I would highly recommend Craig at Wavelength to anyone seeking a tailored and trustworthy locum agent.

    O&G Registrar
  • I have had nothing but positive experiences with Wavelength. Craig Picard (Senior Recruitment Consultant), specifically, is extremely accommodating, reliable and maintains the wholesome view of locum work that other agencies lack. Always prompt with replies and always ready to go above and beyond, he facilitated more job opportunities than I had time for and also helped me through every step of the application process for each as well.

    Multispecialty Registrar
  • I have been working exclusively with Wavelength for the last nine years. Their service and facilitation for various appointments reflect their intentions and abilities to offer the best options for my own interests. I am grateful for the friendly and personal help by Amber Derby-Davies at Wavelength and for the trust and professionalism over these years.

    Dr Samir Henalla
    O&G Specialist
  • I’ve now relied entirely on Wavelength International to keep me in work for 15 years. Their dedicated and hardworking Senior Recruiter, Amber Derby-Davies has always gone above and beyond, making it her personal concern to ensure I get work in the places I like, at the best times and with the best possible pay and conditions. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with such a professional, competent and friendly person. The assistance they’ve given me in creating what has turned out to be an interesting and varied career as a Locum has been brilliant.

    Dr David MacFarlane
    O&G Specialist

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