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Job Opportunities for Doctors in Australia

Live and Work as a Doctor in Australia

A move to Australia offers exciting career and lifestyle opportunities. In most cases, Australia will recognise your medical qualifications and we’ve spent 24 years helping UK doctors relocate to Australia to work in amazing roles and experience the Australian way of life.

Australia is currently experiencing unprecedented shortage of doctors across all grades and specialties and we're here to support your move to a coastal, outback, city or rural placement in a public, private or community setting. Whether you are looking for a year’s fellowship position, a consultant role with less stress and better hours, or your first leadership position, we have hundreds of roles available Australia-wide.

It’s a big move, so we’ve prepared all the information you’ll need to get this exciting new chapter in your career underway. 

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What you have to look forward to

The benefits of living and working in Australia are endless... The warm climate, outdoor-oriented lifestyle and excellent health system are just a few reasons why UK doctors consider.

According to the UN Human Development Report, Australia is rated the 8th-best country to live in the world.

  • World-class healthcare system
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • Competitive salaries
  • Indigenous health opportunities
  • Cutting-edge hospital technology
  • Opportunities across all specialties
  • A warm, sunny climate
  • Great Happiness Index ranking
  • High-quality education system
  • Friendly, welcoming people
dr buxtonDr PATRICK Buxton

This doctor made the move and never looked back

Dr Buxton explains how he built a career and lifestyle in the Australian outback, far from his native Scotland. As a GP working in remote communities, his experience is unique, but the lessons he learned along the way are helping other UK-based doctors plan their own journey. Watch the whole video or pick the chapters that interest you.


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Ready to explore an Australian adventure?

Book a no-obligation confidential chat with one of our expert consultants specific to your medical specialty. We can discuss the many opportunities currently available, answer any questions you might have about the process and talk about the next steps to start your Australian adventure.

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