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Recruitment Consultants

Find the right medical recruitment consultant for you

We have a dedicated team of medical recruitment consultants and para consultants ready help you find the most rewarding medical jobs.

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Jane Stanke

Recruitment Consultant - GP

+61 2 8353 9068

Jane specialises in: General Practice

Jane helps GPs find roles in Australia (QLD, WA). Based in London, UK Jane provides UK, Irish and Europe-based doctors with more personalised service.

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Anna Mullins

Locum Recruitment Consultant – GP AMS

+61 2 8353 9028

Anna specialises in: General Practice

Anna works with General Practitioners looking to discover the most rewarding Locum jobs across Australia.

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Ross Jenkins

Locum Recruitment Consultant – GP

+61 2 8353 9078

Ross specialises in: General Practice

Ross works with General Practitioners looking for diverse Locum jobs to suit their schedules, lifestyle and career aspirations.

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Peter Treacy

General Manager – GP Division

+61 2 8353 9030

Peter specialises in: General Practice

Peter leads our GP team, mentoring our Locum and Permanent recruitment consultants who focus on finding the most rewarding jobs for General Practitioners.

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Hayley Nault

Associate Recruitment Consultant

+61 2 8353 9016

Hayley specialises in: Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, General Practice, Intensive care, Management & Administration, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oncology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery

Contact Hayley to discuss our range of medical recruitment solutions for hospitals and healthcare services across Australia and New Zealand.

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Carole Paterson

Recruitment Consultant - Telehealth & Digital Health

+61 2 8353 9045

Carole specialises in: General Practice, Medicine, Other

Carole works with Doctors interested in Telehealth and Digital health jobs, and also partners with medical practices looking for Doctors in Ireland.

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