Coastal Towns

Beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, relaxed lifestyles and friendly people are all in abundant supply when you choose to live within one of the thousands of coastal communities around the 34,000km of Australian coastlines. 

Here are a couple of the stunning coastal towns you’ll find across Australia:

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Nestled on the easternmost point of Australia, Byron Bay is a coastal gem renowned for its pristine beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and vibrant community. For doctors seeking a slower pace of life, this bohemian town provides the perfect sanctuary. Engage in a diverse range of medical opportunities, from local clinics to holistic health centres, while relishing in the beauty of sun-drenched shores, lush hinterlands, and an ever-thriving wellness culture.


Margaret River, Western Australia

If a blend of coastal charm and culinary delights entices you, Margaret River is an idyllic destination. Situated in Western Australia, this picturesque region is famous for its world-class wineries, gourmet food, and stunning surf beaches. As a doctor in Margaret River, you'll enjoy a balanced lifestyle, where you can indulge in your passion for medicine while exploring breathtaking coastlines, embarking on wine tours, and engaging in the vibrant arts and music scene.


Port Douglas, Queensland

Tropical splendour meets relaxed coastal living in captivating Port Douglas. Situated in Far North Queensland, this paradise is renowned for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. As a doctor in Port Douglas, you can embrace a diverse medical landscape, from general practice to tropical medicine research. Outside of work, discover the wonders of snorkelling, rainforest hikes, and beachside relaxation in this idyllic coastal haven.


 Coastal Towns


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