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Find out what Doctors can expect from working with Wavelength

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During our 20 year anniversary and with a new influx of talented Doctors here at Wavelength, we thought we’d take the opportunity to go behind the scenes and talk to one of our long-standing recruiters to find out what it’s like working with us.

Medical Recruitment expert Emma Gordon shares her insights – what you can expect when working with Wavelength, the benefits of being an exclusive Wavelength Doctor and just why all that paperwork is so important.

Thanks for talking to us today Emma. So, what can Doctors expect from Wavelength?

As a Wavelength Doctor, you will be matched with a medical recruitment consultant who is an expert in recruitment for your medical specialty. Our consultative approach means they will listen to your career goals and personal circumstances so they understand exactly what is important to you.

Being an expert in your medical specialty area, they will offer you advice on current workforce trends, salary expectations, long-term career planning and more.

You will have access to a broad range of relevant job opportunities due to the strong relationships we've established over the last 20 years with employers across all healthcare providers. We consistently offer a range of roles in metro, regional, or rural locations in public and private hospitals, AWS and a variety of healthcare practices across Australia and New Zealand. Our medical recruitment consultants also take care of contract negotiations, credentialing and paperwork requirements, and will provide visa and migration assistance if required.

Why does Wavelength have a better reputation than other Medical Recruitment Agencies?

Being the largest Medical Recruitment company in Australia, we are actively working with clients across the healthcare spectrum including public and private hospitals, GP practices, private practices and corporate healthcare organisations. Over 45 medical recruitment specialists, each focused on a particular medical specialty, work hard to forge longstanding networks and relationships with healthcare industry leaders in order to provide the best job opportunities to our Doctors.

Our aim is to go above and beyond your expectations in terms of service. We have worked with many doctors over the long term, offering different opportunities and challenges as their medical careers have progressed.

What’s the benefit of working with Wavelength exclusively?

We partner with some of Australia’s leading healthcare providers on an exclusive basis thanks to our strong relationships and the high-quality service we offer. So as an exclusive Wavelength Doctor, you will also benefit from access to many jobs offered to us that are not advertised anywhere else.

Doctors and healthcare employers we work with know us for our high-quality standards and for representing the very best talent, so your application via Wavelength will be highly regarded. By working with Wavelength on an exclusive basis, you can be assured that healthcare employers will not be receiving your CV from multiple sources, which can reduce your credibility.

Partnering with one medical recruitment agency can save time by reducing paperwork and repetition. We will take the hassle out of securing a job by managing your applications, credentialing paperwork and references in one place.

Is all the paperwork really necessary?

Yes! Credentialing allows you to work in a scope of practice within the healthcare organisation. These requirements differ from state to state, from health service to hospital and even department to department! We work tirelessly with our clients to be fully across the requirements of each healthcare employer to ensure you are able to work. We will ensure your paperwork is managed as seamlessly as possible ahead of time.

Finally, what do you expect of your Doctors?

Working in close partnership is the key to success. We work with Doctors to match them to the best medical roles in the market. It’s helpful to be clear from the outset about your job goals and what’s really important to you from both a career and lifestyle perspective.


We’re always happy to have a confidential chat with Doctors who haven’t yet registered with us. Get in touch!

Alternatively, register to hear about the roles we currently have available and one of our recruitment consultants will be in touch shortly.

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