Why Doctors partner with medical recruitment agencies

3 Doctors reveal why they prefer to partner with a medical recruitment agency

Finding the right job can be tiring and time-consuming. There’s the paperwork, salary negotiations and following up prospective employers – all whilst juggling with your current job as a Doctor.

That’s why, partnering with a medical recruitment agency to do all the legwork for you can be your next best move. Not only will you gain access to the key players on hospital recruitment boards and insider knowledge beyond what is advertised, you’ll also have an experienced recruitment consultant dedicated to finding the job that is right for you.

Here’s what some of Wavelength’s Doctors have to say about securing their recent permanent medical role with us.

General Medicine Registrar Dr Karthik Velsami, who trained in India and the UK before moving to Australia, found the level of service at Wavelength to be exceptional. His complete trust in his recruitment consultants gave him the peace of mind he was looking for...

“Always friendly, approachable and helpful, Wavelength is miles ahead of any other agency and gave me the utmost confidence and support during my recent permanent job search,” he explains.

“My consultants were committed to finding me the right job – not just any job – and the level of communication was outstanding even after I started my role. I was very impressed as not many agencies will check in to find out how you’re going.”

Wavelength’s General Medicine team also made sure Dr Velsami’s hospital workplace culture would accommodate his ongoing training.

“I’m also thankful that Wavelength found me the right hospital which has been so supportive of my exam preparation and the educational leave I needed,” he says.

“Working with an agency just takes the pressure off what can be a very complex process. Help is always at hand, and having medical registration assistance and support from an expert was a great relief.”

Dr Samsun Nahar, General Practitioner, joined the Wavelength network after being referred to us by a colleague.

“I honestly couldn’t have managed working full-time and looking for a new job. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Wavelength provided me with so many opportunities and saved me so much time.”

The variety of roles available through Wavelength’s network was also an important draw card for Dr Nahar, “My recruitment consultant supported me throughout the application process and allowed me to pick the best GP roles from the ones presented.”

Moving abroad can be one of the most rewarding life experiences, but it often comes with challenges. Emergency Medicine Physician Dr Simon Tucker explains how Wavelength’s exceptional support around the clock made the move relatively easy.

“When I first started looking at overseas contracts in Australia I contacted a few agencies, and the only one that consistently kept me informed was Wavelength. If I had any questions my recruitment consultant came back to me straight away. I felt valued and knew Wavelength had my best interests at heart.”

Having assistance completing all the paperwork correctly was a relief to Dr Tucker, “You also can’t underestimate the value of having someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to the volume of paperwork. Some of the questions are so ambiguous. Working with Wavelength gave me confidence that all my forms were submitted correctly.”

Regulatory and Migration support was a key benefit for Dr Tucker as well, “Relocation is a big decision at any stage of life and at times you just need the right answers to your questions. Being able to pick up the phone, send an email and have someone guide you through the process was a massive benefit.”

Doctors seeking permanent work also have the option to contact healthcare organisations directly. However, they can often miss out on exclusive roles and might not get a true picture of the culture, environment and support staff at the hospitals or medical practice where they are applying.

Contemplating a career change or just curious about your options? Take a look at our selection of rewarding and lucrative permanent medical jobs.

Register for a no-obligation chat and to download your free Guide To Seeking Permanent Work. One of our experienced permanent medical recruitment consultants will be in touch.

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