Why being a BRW Best Place to Work, three years in a row means so much to us

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Please excuse our excitement but Wavelength has just been announced a BRW "Best Place to Work" for the third consecutive year.

We have won a number of awards over the past few years but this one has come to mean the most to us. We work very hard to put our submission together for this one and the buzz around the office when we place on the list is palpable.

So why does this one mean the most to us?

Well, for a start it is the one award that our clients, candidates and even competitors talk about the most, and that recognition lasts all year. BRW has a high profile nationally and people take notice.

Secondly, being a Great Place to Work is something we work on constantly. We fundamentally believe that, as a service provider, we are only as good as our people and unless we hire the best, and look after them, we will struggle to rise above the competition.

As such it remains a high priority in Wavelength's annual strategic plan to actively improve the work environment for our staff. This involves considerable effort, time and capital investment so it is nice to be recognised for this effort which could easily go un-noticed.

The final reason we are so proud to list as a BRW “Best Place to Work is because we know how competitive it is to get on this list. This year alone nearly 70,000 Australian employees completed the rigorous and objective Trust Index Survey that underpins two thirds of the score. The award is not industry specific making competition even hotter and we are joined on the list by such illustrious company as Google, Salesforce, Ernst & Young and Quicksilver.

...and what about next year? This year we finally made it off the number 30 (out of 50) position on the list that we have held for two consecutive years. We have made it to 28! That means that there is plenty of room for improvement - so back to work …

Dr John Bethell

Director, Wavelength International

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