What changes would you like to see in ED?

ACEM ASM 2019 hot topic: The changing climate of Emergency Medicine

In light of the devastating bushfires and storms we’re experiencing in Australia, the 2019 theme of “The changing climate of emergency medicine” at the 36th Annual Scientific Meeting for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM ASM) was perfectly timed.


The Wavelength Emergency Medicine team in our booth at the recent ACEM ASM in Hobart.

Here is a snapshot of key takeaways from our Emergency Medicine recruitment team, including exclusive insights on the changes doctors would like to see in EDOver 900 delegates came together in Hobart at the ACEM ASM and were treated to engaging sessions across a range of Emergency Medicine topics.

Emergency Medicine in crisis situations

The session on ‘Emergency Medicine in crisis situations’ was a particular stand out at the event, and one attendee noted that it was “very emotional and helped reinforce the important work that emergency medicine teams do”. Presenters reflected on the Port Arthur shootings, the Easter bombing in Sri Lanka and the shootings in Christchurch and how emergency medicine teams responded to events of community violence. They also discussed what to consider moving forward as the world continues to face crisis situations.

Emergency Medicine - Organ donation

Another session at the event concentrated on organ donation in Australia and was quite popular. Speakers talked about the importance of organ donation, how to open up the scope of eligible transplants and how to boost the number of registered donors. Drug safety and testing was also discussed to round out the topics in that session. 


ACEM Climate March-Wavelength Medical Recruitment

Climate crisis and Emergency Medicine

Fitting for a climate-conscious event, a climate change march was held on the final morning of the event. Doctors dressed in scrubs with stethoscopes in hand, and everyone gathered outside the Royal Hobart Hospital calling for government action on climate change. Many delegates applauded the organisation of the march and were proud to be part of peaceful direct action.

Doctors marched from Royal Hobart Hospital to the ACEM ASM event venue calling for climate action.

ACEM Word Cloud-WavelengthMedicalRecruitment

What changes would you like to see in Emergency Medicine?

To get a better picture of what doctors want in Emergency Departments, we asked doctors what changes they would like to see in the ED. Here are a few of the topics that were discussed with the doctors we met at the conference:

  • More staff, better rosters with less overnight hangover; all to help with better work-life balance and increased joy in work for all ED staff

  • Increased reliance on low acuity clinics to release capacity in hospital emergency departments

  • A more concentrated approach to dealing with mental health in an acute adult ED setting with a recognition of the lasting impacts of such care

  • Improved communication between ED and inpatient units

  • Better research and funding of regional and rural EDs

  • A culturally safe ED where indigenous patients and staff feel wanted, safe and respected

  • Reduced crowding, and less nursing home transfers

  • Increased consumer engagement in ED policy groups

  • More female directors, workplace respect for clinicians and patients, and 24/7 Childcare

  • More open relationships with other specialties, and more senior registrars 

  • More awareness of climate change efforts 

  • Longer consultation times for physicians, an end to the 4-hour rule, and better understanding of how to create flow diversions

  • Better laws to protect staff from occupational violence

With the recent natural disasters, it’s essential to help communities in need of medical care. At Wavelength, we’re actively supporting the communities affected by the bushfires and recovering from the storms by finding our doctors jobs where they are needed most.

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