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Claire Ponsford

July 14, 2020

Joining forces with Swiftdoc to offer our doctors more flexible work

SwiftDoc Wavelength telehealth partnership

We are very pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Australian founded telehealth service Swiftdoc.

At Wavelength, we have been offering telehealth services to both healthcare employers and doctors for many years now but our intent was always to provide a full telehealth service independently. Together with Swiftdoc, we can support doctors to deliver patient-centred, coordinated care and comprehensive services, through telehealth.

Our partnership presents a unique differentiator within the telehealth space – a well-structured, efficient and secure platform coupled with a ready supply of high-quality GPs and specialists.

Telehealth services, designed by doctors for doctors.

Dr Richard McMahon, a Wavelength doctor, founded Swiftdoc to provide access to high-quality healthcare to patients across Australia through the convenience of an online platform.

During a call in May 2019, one of our recruitment consultants – who helped Dr McMahon move over from the UK to Australia +10 years ago – found out that he created his own telehealth platform, and we started the conversation then.

Our strategic partnership supports medical practices in establishing a secure, integrated and efficient telehealth platform, in addition to their face to face services. Together, we also help Australians gain greater access to healthcare by booking medical appointments online with a highly qualified Australian registered doctor, from the comfort of their home and at a time that is convenient to them.

Patient data and privacy is key

As with any technological advancement, privacy is a key concern for the telehealth industry. The Swiftdoc platform has the highest level of security standards for encryption, payment and data storage, in addition to all data being kept in Australia. Doctors can be assured that their patient data is housed securely, likewise, patients can be comfortable knowing that their personal health information is safe and secure. 

Access highly qualified Australian registered doctor from anywhere

“Through our partnership with Wavelength, we have access to a wider number of quality doctors who can provide quick and easy video consultations to all Australians from the convenience and safety of their home. Over the last three months, Swiftdoc has experienced 100% growth of the business in terms of app users. Wavelength has the qualified medical professionals Swiftdoc needs to ensure all patients using the platform, experience exceptional service.” explains Dr Richard McMahon.

He adds: This is great for all Australians, but also for those living in smaller, more remote towns. Getting access to a doctor can be challenging at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. Urban areas have approximately 350 doctors per 100,000 population, whereas rural Australia has about 100 doctors per 100,000 population spread over a much larger geographical area. As a result, many people in rural Australia either have to travel long distances or wait long periods of time to see GPs. Telehealth will help support these doctors in rural areas to service patients remotely.

With Swiftdoc, consultations and appointments are available to all Australians, irrespective of their location, every day from 8:00am to 10:30pm including on the weekends and on public holidays.

Offering doctors flexibility with telehealth work opportunities

Telehealth is a great flexible work option for doctors allowing them to work around their schedule or supplement their income from the convenience of their home or practice.

Dr John Bethell comments, “From a supply point of view, through the partnership, we can offer doctors an even greater degree of flexibility and options when it comes to work opportunities. Doctors are no longer bound by their location when it comes to providing healthcare services - they can do it anytime from any location.

This partnership will support medical practices in establishing a secure integrated and efficient telehealth platform in addition to their in-clinic services. It allows doctors to continue to build great relationships through virtual face to face contact.  It’s a win-win for both the GPs and the patients.

Wavelength has a proud 21-year history and a database of 115,000 medical professionals (Australia and globally) and will continue to grow as telehealth gains pace. We were founded by a doctor, for doctors, so this partnership makes sense and supports our purpose to provide life-long support and career opportunities for doctors.” concludes Dr Bethell.

Telehealth addresses some of the biggest challenges in the medical industry; skills shortages and long hospital waits, to name a couple. It can reduce wait times by up to 95 percent, provides quick access to experienced doctors and medical professionals, generates more appointments and reduces ‘do not attends’. It can also improve cost efficiencies and clinical management.

That is why in the new age of digital health, we have diversified our core services in the last five years to become a trusted provider of GPs and medical specialists via sophisticated telehealth platforms.

If you’re interested in Telehealth work opportunities, please
register with us to find out more.

You can also download the Swiftdoc app on the Apple store or Google Play.

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