Top Medical Recruitment Myths Exposed: What You Need to Know

Our recent Medical Recruitment and Locum Attitudes Survey reveals some interesting facts

We’ve just released the compelling findings from our first Wavelength Medical Recruitment and Locum Attitudes Survey 2018 research report. We engaged an independent market research agency to survey doctors nationwide to find out how you perceive medical recruitment agencies, the value you think we offer and your attitudes towards locum roles in particular.

The good news is, nine out of ten doctors have a very positive or positive impression of working with medical recruitment agencies. According to the findings:

  • 84% of doctors surveyed believe agencies provide an invaluable service
  • 83% believe having a good agency is critical, especially as competition for locums increases in the current market
  • 82% also stated that medical recruitment agencies make their lives easier

But while there were plenty of positive findings, the research also revealed three medical recruitment myths which we’d like to bust once and for all.

Myths and Facts on a Sign Post

Myth #1: ‘Being registered with multiple agencies is a plus for my career’

In discussions with healthcare employers and even other medical recruitment agencies, the overwhelming market preference is for doctors to only be represented exclusively by one agency.

For doctors, building strong and long-lasting relationships with one agency gives you a huge career advantage. Your dedicated consultant gains an in-depth understanding of your skills, job requirements and long-term goals to secure exactly the right locum or permanent role for you, at any stage in your career.

For healthcare employers, there’s nothing more irritating than receiving two or three applications for one role from the same doctor. In short, navigate the jobs market with the help of one agency and keep your credibility intact.

Myth #2: ‘Recruitment agencies are taking their fee out of my salary package’

Our recruitment fees are negotiated with our healthcare employers up front and are not deducted from your final salary package. Typically, the hospital or clinic sets the salary for the particular role and our fee is a markup on top, not a deduction from the salary.

Myth #3: ‘Recruitment agencies must negotiate better locum pay rates’

Unfortunately, recruitment agencies have little control over locum pay rates which are set by the healthcare employer. Most Australian states work within set frameworks so there’s often little room for movement. As your dedicated recruitment partner, we will always negotiate hard on your behalf. That’s because we have your best interests at heart.

Want to know more? Read our second Wavelength Medical Recruitment and Locum Attitudes Survey 2018 research report blog here. We take a deeper look at current locum employment attitudes, what you enjoy most about locum work and where you think healthcare employers need to improve locum opportunities Australia-wide.

Register with us today to have a confidential discussion about how we can assist you with your next locum or permanent medical role. One of our recruitment consultants specific to your medical specialty will be in touch.

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