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It’s about the people, the perks and the positive culture

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Julia Buckley

Learning & Development Manager

January 10, 2023

Now more than ever, workplace culture plays a huge role in a person’s decision to make the leap into a new role at a new company. One of Wavelength’s founding principles was ensuring a welcoming, supportive working environment, where staff are given the opportunity to thrive in both their work and personal lives.

We chatted to three Wavies who’ve recently returned to the company and asked them what makes Wavelength a great place to work.


A Winning Team Culture

Nicole Langan 135x135 4Surgeon Recruitment Consultant, Nicole Langan, had been at Wavelength for 12 years before deciding to pursue a different opportunity in 2021. Around a year later, she made the decision to return, taking the opportunity to return to her previous portfolio.

“Wavelength has a great culture,” Nicole says. “There are comparatively good benefits, and a lot of flexibility.”

aimee skoyles

Aimee Skoyles also decided to pursue a different opportunity in 2021, however when she received a call several months later from Craig Picard, Team Leader of the Locum Junior & Middle-Grade Doctor & Emergency Medicine Division, she didn’t hesitate to return to Wavelength.

“Craig called and offered me the Anaesthetics and ICU Junior Doctor portfolio,” Aimee recalls. “After leaving, I realised Wavelength is such a good company to work for. It’s been great working with everyone again.”

georgia stratfordOriginally from the UK, Georgia Stratford had been a Wavie for four years before deciding to branch out in early 2017. Five years later, after exploring roles with a range of other companies, she returned to Wavelength in June 2022.

“My initial time at Wavelength back in 2012 was foundational for building a career and core friendships when I first moved to Australia,” Georgia explains. “In the time away from Wavelength, I learned new skills and when the opportunity came up to return, I was excited to mix my new and old knowledge to take on a challenge in the Junior Doctor space, while joining an awesome team.”


It's all about the People

Wavelength takes pride in building a diverse, dynamic workforce, with plenty of opportunities to connect, both professionally and socially, and regular recognition of individual and company achievements. We also take pride in the many staff with long tenure, with several set to hit milestones between 10 and 20 years in 2023.

Nicole, Aimee and Georgia all reference their colleagues as highlights since their respective returns to Wavelength, whether that be reconnecting with old friends (even after five years!) or getting to know new ones.

“Working in the JAM ED team has been a highlight, for sure,” says Georgia. “The recruiters and coordinators have so much energy and there is an amazing collaboration between the whole team.”

Nicole agrees, noting the close-knit culture of the Specialist team. “It was great to return to the Specialist team and see my old colleagues,” she says. “Everyone looks out for each other.”


Wave Worldwide

In 2022, Wavelength introduced a new policy, Wave Worldwide, which enables employees to work for up to 20 days each year from anywhere in the world, encouraging staff to escape from their day-to-day lives, while still being able to continue to work. Both Aimee and Nicole look forward to utilising the new employee benefit.

“I was excited to see the introduction of the Wave Worldwide policy,” Aimee says.

“It’s great to return to even more flexibility and benefits,” Nicole adds. “Like getting to work anywhere in the world!”


Looking to the future

Making the decision to return to a previous company, whether it be a new or known role, can be daunting, and even feel like a step back. But the dynamic leadership group at Wavelength remains ever-focused on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to what we offer clients, candidates and employees.

“I think after the pandemic we are all seeing a change on how the current market is operating and how as a business we are adapting and learning new ways of delivering support to our hospitals and doctors,” Georgia says. “It’s an exciting time to be in recruitment.”


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