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How one Wavie tackled the Larapinta Trail to raise valuable funds for cancer care

At Wavelength, our mission is to partner with medical professionals and healthcare organisations for the betterment of the community. To achieve this we follow four core values – Excellence, Integrity, Ingenuity and Heart. Heart is key to making a positive impact. We take pride in making a wider difference.

We actively support a number of charities with regular donations to our charity partners and with our workplace giving program “Good To Give". But it’s our Wavies themselves who inspire us the most with their personal commitment and dedication to tackling some serious fundraising challenges.

Eamon McCurry on Larapinta Trail

Locum Medicine Team consultant Eamon McCurry is no exception. In May 2018, he set off on the spectacular 223km Larapinta Trail, one of Australia’s newest and increasingly popular trekking experiences, raising valuable funds for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital in Sydney.

We talk to him about his fundraising experiences and his newfound taste for adventure!


Why did you decide to take up the Larapinta Trail challenge?

Having experienced the loss of someone very close to me due to cancer, I was determined to raise as much money as possible for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital in Sydney. The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a not-for-profit, comprehensive cancer centre specialising in advanced treatment and research for patients who are suffering from rare and complex cancer cases. I also wanted to challenge myself personally with a big adventure and the Larapinta Trail really appealed.

Sunrise on the Larapinta Trail

What was your most creative fundraising activity?

Wavelength was extremely supportive and allowed me to hold numerous fundraising activities in our office. The generosity from everyone at Wavelength was amazing. But I have to say, the award for most creative effort has to go to my fellow Wavie Lisa, who sewed handmade lavender heat packs and sold them to Wavelength staff and friends ready for winter, donating 100% of the proceeds. My good friend Pam also made birthday, engagement and wedding cards to sell to colleagues, friends and family. Both helped raise a lot of money.


How long did the trek take you?

The trek consisted of five days hiking through stunning Central Australia. Each day, 17 of us set off for roughly eight hours exploring the beauty of the Larapinta Trail. We had a semi-permanent campsite to go back to each night where we were treated with delicious meals cooked by our tour guides.

Team Trekking

What were the best and worst experiences?

Camping at night in the outback below hundreds of thousands of stars is incredible and something everyone should experience. But having limited toilet use, no shower facilities and lots of blisters wasn’t that great! All of this however added to the overall adventure.  


What is one memory from the trek that really stands out in your mind?

The people on the trip were some of the most amazing I’ve ever met. Individually we were trekking for different reasons, but we were all there to support each other. And we were united in wanting to raise as much money as we could for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital. These friendships will be the memories I’ll never forget.

Trekking team all together on Larapinta Trail

How much money did you raise?

I personally raised $17,300 and as a team we raised an incredible $123,000. Knowing this money will go towards research into sarcomas, which comprise between 10-20% of cancers in young people, leaves me with a great feeling.


What’s your next fundraising adventure?

I’m dedicated now to raising as much money as I can for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital. Hopefully my next adventure will be tackling the Great Wall of China. Watch this space!


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To find out more about the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital or to make a donation, please click here: https://www.mylifehouse.org.au/

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