Non-VR GP Medicare Rebates Changing

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Alex Graham

September 4, 2018

Everything non-VR GPs need to know about Medicare Benefits Schedule

Following our previous blog post about the Other Medical Practitioner (OMP) programs, here are some further updates on the rebates that will apply to non-VR General Practitioners from 1st November 2018.

What has changed?

New MBS items have been created under Group A7 – Acupuncture and non-Specialist Practitioner items. The A7 item group creates an incentive for non-VR GPs to work in regional, rural and remote locations (MM2-7), allowing them to bill at 80% of the equivalent VR GP item for standard consultations as opposed to 60%.

Non-VR GPs in regional, rural and remote locations (MM2-7) will be eligible to claim items from within the A7 item group for all types of consultations.

Non-VR GPs practising in a major city (MM1) will claim the same A7 items as the rural doctors except for:

  • standard consultations A7.2 – metro docs claim A2
  • standards consultations associated with PIP A7.8 – metro docs claim A19

What is not changing?

There are no changes to the MBS fees payable to VR (Fellowed) GPs or to Registrars training on the Australian General Practice Training Program, Remote Vocational Training Scheme, and Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine Independent Pathway.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re a rural non-VR doctor (MM2-7), you will be able to claim the relevant item fee at 80% of the equivalent VR item for all consultations types.

If you’re a metro non-VR doctor (MM1), you will only be able to claim the A2 rebate (still sitting at some 60% of the equivalent VR GP rate) for standard consultations (A7.2) and standard consultations associated with PIP (A7.8). You will only be able to claim the relevant item fees at 80% of the equivalent VR item (same A7 items as rural doctors) for other consultations types.

Our in-house Regulatory & Migration team are experts in Medicare, AHPRA, and Australian Visa requirements. We’re here to clarify any questions you have and assist with applications and advice.

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