New online portals designed to streamline access to Intealth, ECFMG and FAIMER services

Learn about MyIntealth, a new user portal for international medical students, doctors, educators and regulators.

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The convenience of a consolidated online environment for international medical registration, allows access to multiple services through a single account.  

MyIntealth is a new online environment for accessing services offered by Intealth and its divisions, ECFMG® and FAIMER® which launched on 16 January. It is designed to redefine the user experience for international medical graduates seeking verification of their credentials and promises to: 

    • reduce logins 
    • minimise paperwork 
    • provide a consistent user experience. 

To ensure a smooth transition, here's a guide on what to expect and how to prepare for the next time you need to access Intealth services.  

What to expect: 

    • Fewer Logins/Passwords: 

Tired of juggling numerous logins and passwords? MyIntealth takes a giant leap by centralising services that were once scattered across different platforms. Now, you'll use the same user ID and password for all integrated services, simplifying your experience and enhancing security. 

    • Fewer Forms: 

MyIntealth replaces traditional paper-based forms, allowing users to complete various transactions online.  

How to Prepare: 

The information from existing accounts will be seamlessly transferred to MyIntealth. However, due to changes in processes, some in-progress applications/requests may not be transferred. To assist applicants in completing in-progress items, specific dates have been established, and detailed information for each service can be found here. The web page also offers comprehensive details to guide users through the transition period. 

If you’re an international medical graduate or overseas-trained doctor and you’re after some advice on living and working as a doctor in Australia, reach out to our dedicated Regulatory & Migration team today. 

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