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How Wavelength’s holistic approach to recruitment can help both doctors and organisations every step of the journey.

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At Wavelength, our comprehensive approach incorporates Regulatory & Migration Services (RMS), which provides end-to-end support to both healthcare employers and doctors, from their application to the first day and beyond. 

Our services encompass a wide range of areas, including AHPRA registration, Medical College application, and immigration assistance, all tailored to our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional, personalised service that caters to each individual, from personal enquiries, to guiding doctors and organisations throughout the process. Both candidates and clients benefit from these services, and often share their experiences with us. “Leiara, [Wavelength Migration Agent], assisted me with my own visa application”, said Shannon Wood from GLAS Agency. “As a result of her exceptional service, my company (GLAS) engaged her to help us with our employees' visa applications.” 

The Wavelength RMS team, including Claire, Owner and Director, Elinor, Leiara, Alex and Ebony, is rooted in professional expertise and years of experience, providing accurate and accessible advice and guidance. “Our clients and candidates appreciate our experience and knowledge,” Elinor explains. “We can think outside the box, identify potential issues, and give them solutions.”. The team always takes the time to understand the goals of both doctors and clients, to ensure they're on the right pathway and are able to reach their destination sooner, with considerably less stress. With expertise and understanding, they always strive to reach the best outcomes for their clients, who are often surprised not only the level of expertise on the complex processes, but also the efficiency of the services, and the clear and comprehensive communication. “Without your patient, professional and knowledgeable support, this would not have been possible,” one of Leiara’s clients said. “I really appreciate it and indeed it's been an absolute pleasure to have been working with you.” 

The team's commitment to providing quality service stems from their passion and motivation. Elinor is particularly driven by the outcomes she’s able to observe. "It is very satisfying to be able to assist doctors through a complex process and see them come out with a positive outcome that they may not have otherwise got," Elinor says.  

For Leiara, it is the sense of achievement she feels after “assisting the Australian community by bringing in highly trained specialists and GPs into the country.” “Choosing to move abroad is a pivotal milestone in their life. I always want my services and assistance to make that choice a seamless and positive one, she adds. 


Wavelength’s experienced and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist organisations and doctors to provide support through the entire journey. If you are seeking assistance or advice with Immigration and Regulatory matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. 

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