Looking at the last decade and ahead to 2020

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Come with us for a trip down memory lane

20 years supporting Doctors

We are proud of our 20 years in business and have created a timeline that illustrates our growth, values and successes over the years. We remain passionate about making a difference to communities across Australia and our vision for the future is clear.

Join us as we “turn back time”…

Wavelength 20 year Timeline

What do the next 20 years hold for Wavelength?

Claire: I’ve no doubt we will continue to expand our service offering while making sure we keep healthcare employers and doctors at the heart of what we do. With our recent executive search acquisition, we have a great opportunity to become the lifetime career partner for doctors right from the early stages of their career to specialisation and beyond. We are also looking at alternative career pathways for doctors who wish to diversify within companies on the edge of some extremely exciting and interesting healthcare innovations.

John: It's great to see Wavelength continue to grow as a business and remain innovative. Because the world around us is changing incredibly rapidly, there's still a real need for lateral thinking, changing the way we do things and adopting new technologies. That's why Wavelength has remained an interesting place.

It really does come back to our core principles and values. If we can continue to innovate using those underpinning principles as our grounding force, then it means that we can continue to evolve, and be a leading light for other players in the industry. I know a lot of people look to Wavelength as an example of a great way to do things and that makes me very proud.

2016 Best Place To Work Awards

CEO Chris Riley with Deann Daly (left) and Caitlyn Fehily after Wavelength was voted #2 in the 2016 BRW Best Place to Work

Chris: Being the first vertically integrated healthcare recruitment firm in Australia will give us the opportunity to provide solutions to our Doctors and healthcare employees that were never possible previously.

Engaging and developing our people underpins everything that we do. It comes through providing personal and professional development, a culture of teamwork and collaboration in a contemporary environment that promotes flexibility and work-life balance. This allows us to retain and attract the best talent in the industry and provide anyone dealing with us with a great experience.

Thanks Claire, John and Chris.


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