It’s time for a change. Introducing our new look brand and website

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Claire Ponsford

March 9, 2022

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They say a change is as good as a holiday, so we’ve decided to take a big trip!

Not really, we’re still here.  But we have made some big changes in the digital space with the launch of both a new brand and a new website.  It’s the result of both looking back and reflecting on our years of experience and looking forward to embracing the exciting changes we can see on the horizon. Our new brand shares more of our personality and our new site will help us to better serve you in the online space as we move towards a new and exciting chapter in our sector.

With 23 years of service, we’re a bit young for a mid-life crisis, but rather it’s part of our response to ongoing adaptations to how healthcare is delivered in Australasia and the resulting impact on the medical workforce.  COVID-19, the rise of Telehealth and other technologies, a shift towards more flexible working opportunities, a desire for better work/life balance and a need for a career that is rich, varied and fulfilling have changed the workplace landscape for our doctors.

Helping extraordinary people in these extraordinary times 

Wavelength founder Claire Ponsford is excited about the direction the sector is heading : “The last two years have seen significant challenges and new developments in almost every aspect of the healthcare sector, and it has prompted many clinicians to re-examine what they want from their careers.” 

We see this time as a real chance to embrace change and explore some truly remarkable opportunities,” said Claire.

Wavelength has always been known as a brand with a focus on people and connections.  We’re modern and bold, but warm and caring as well.  Our new branding better reflects our abilities to empower and support, but also our empathy and compassion,” Claire added.    

New branding and website are just two of the ways that we’re staying ahead of these shifts in our sector, ensuring we can continue helping people write their own stories through exciting, unique and divergent careers.

 A new site, making it easier to unlock the possibilities

With over 1,000 hospitals and clinics in our network, sifting through the opportunities to find your next dream role can seem a little overwhelming.  We’ve made it easier to narrow your focus with better search functionality and enhanced results, giving you a good feel for a role at first glance without the need for endless scrolling and clicking.

Via our online job boards, you’ll be able to find, learn about, and apply for, exciting opportunities in every corner of Australasia, covering every speciality, sub-speciality and seniority. 

Plus, we still have our treasure trove of resources available on the website where you can keep on top of news, trends and exciting developments in the healthcare sector.    

We’re still all about connections 

While we’re making our online processes smoother for you, we’re still all about personal connections. 

No algorithms or websites can ever replace the value we offer you with our personal approach.  Our team of expert recruitment consultants is still committed to matching you to your dream role and helping you write your own story.  We can only do that by listening to, and understanding, you, your unique circumstances, skills, goals and aspirations.  Our new website is just another valuable tool we can use to help us provide the best possible service to you.

A reflection of who we are, and what we stand for 

At the heart of all we do, lie our core values and our new website is no different.  


Excellence - We’re committed to going above and beyond, investing the time and effort to provide a service to you that can’t be matched.  Our new website is just one resource we offer as part of our comprehensive approach.  

Integrity - The strong moral and ethical core synonymous with the Wavelength brand shines throughout our new branding.  We’re proudly authentic and committed to our clinicians and to healthcare.

Ingenuity - Technology is changing, and we’re embracing it, understanding it, and using it to offer a well-rounded service both online and offline.

Heart - Our overriding goal is to improve the health of every Australasian community, which is why you’ll find roles in the remotest of communities and the smallest of clinics.

It's just the beginning 

We believe the healthcare sector is in a period of great change and growth.  The opportunities are endless and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of exploration in areas such as divergent careers in medicine, new technologies, and a fundamental shift in the way we want to live and work in the wake of COVID-19.  

We’re excited to share our new-look website and brand with you and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. If you’re looking to make a change of your own in your career, be sure to register your details or browse our job opportunities online so we can help you write your next exciting chapter.  


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