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Top 10 reasons why Doctors trust Wavelength to Advance their Career

When it comes to finding your dream medical job and then negotiating the best possible terms of employment, it’s in your best interests to partner with ONE medical recruitment agency to ensure the best possible outcomes.

While it may seem easier at the start of your job search to apply for permanent roles advertised directly by healthcare employers, there are so many advantages to partnering with just one trusted medical recruitment agency.

Not only will you be taken more seriously by employers who look unfavorably upon Doctors represented by multiple agencies, but you’ll also build strong and long-lasting relationships with specialist recruitment consultants who genuinely have your best interests at heart.

We’ve identified our top ten reasons why you should partner with us to secure your next permanent role.

As a valued Wavelength Doctor, we will make sure you: 

1. Get a true picture

Our specialist recruitment consultants regularly visit the healthcare employers we represent, which means we’re able to provide an accurate description of a potential working environment before we put you forward for a role. From layout, equipment and room sizes, to the friendliness of the reception and hospital staff, we’ll provide honest answers to all your workplace questions.

2. Get to know the team

Not only do we regularly visit our healthcare employers, but we also conduct interviews with existing employees to gain firsthand feedback on the team dynamics and workplace culture. We then provide you with a true picture of the role based on this information. Your medical recruitment consultants can also arrange interviews for you with your potential team members. This level of unbiased detail is rarely provided by healthcare employers if you go direct.

3. Achieve a better remuneration package

With a wealth of insider knowledge, our consultants will negotiate your specific terms, role parameters and salary requirements before you’ve even made your first offer. This means we save everyone an undesirable and lengthy negotiation process. We can in many circumstances negotiate a better package than the state award. We can also target multiple hospitals at once and manage multiple applications, putting you in the perfect position to negotiate between prospective employers.

4. Handover the bulk of the paperwork

In certain cases, some paperwork is required. For many Doctors, being able to handover most of the paperwork, is a huge and welcome relief. Our regulatory and recruitment teams deal with all Colleges and AHPRA, so your credentialing and Medicare provider number applications are accurate, correct and completed at no cost to you. We also offer free migration services, (from our in-house registered migration agents), to Doctors making the significant move of relocating from overseas. 

5. Strike at the right time

In some cases, we know well in advance of any upcoming medical job vacancies. This is because we work closely with our healthcare employers to understand their hiring needs and will often accurately predict who and when a department or clinic may need to hire. We will then work with you to determine the best time to enter the market. Get your timing right and you’ll be worth more.

6. Access roles in both the public and private sector

As a Wavelength Doctor, you’ll also benefit from our longstanding preferred supplier agreements, some of which have been in place for almost 20 years. Our diversity and breadth across all city, regional and remote areas of Australia will open doors in your preferred location, or preferred hospital or practice, in both the public and private sector. In some cases, you may be restricted as to where you can and cannot work. We support all individual circumstances and will always find a solution.

7. Gain insider knowledge

We also have open access to the key players on hospital recruitment boards and insider knowledge beyond what is advertised online. We often find out about any departmental politics, the reasons behind a vacancy, realistic hiring timelines and whether there is any flexibility with the hours or salary, amongst many other details. This information puts you in powerful position before the interview process has even begun.

8. Access our wider suite of services

And if you are relocating, your whole family will benefit from partnering with us. In addition to finding you the right job and managing your regulatory and migration processes, we provide information on relocation agents, put you in touch with recruitment consultants for your partner and offer advice on schools and real estate. Our partnerships with financial advisors and employment lawyers also provide additional services if required when making a permanent move.

9. Get peace of mind

Our specialist medical recruiters will conduct all follow up for you once we’ve submitted your application for a specific role. We regularly speak to hospital and practice administration teams and will monitor the progress of your application, so you're not left out in the cold. We know exactly which questions to ask and at which stage to ask them. We manage the entire process and will communicate with you every step of the way.

10. Use our reputation to get ahead of the rest

Wavelength has a well-deserved reputation for representing only the very best Doctors. And this reputation will stand you in good stead. Your resume will be extremely well regarded by our healthcare employers and we will make every effort to ensure it stays at the top of the pile. Our specialty-based teams have extensive knowledge of your chosen medical discipline and will deliver the most honest, open and responsive service to achieve the best outcome.

So, there you have it - using a medical recruitment agency can help Doctors achieve their medical career goals sooner, with less legwork and headaches than going direct. Not only that, you’ll be better informed about your potential new employer and get access to exclusive roles before they go to market.

We’ve been in the medical recruitment business for 20 years and are proud of what we do. No one provides a more thorough and comprehensive service throughout Australia and New Zealand than us. We place thousands of doctors a year with healthcare providers in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

We currently have a wide range of rewarding and lucrative permanent medical jobs available. For a no-obligation chat and to download your free brochure, simply register your details and one of our experienced permanent medical recruitment consultants will be in touch.

If you have partnered with a recruitment agency to secure a permanent medical role, what benefits did you experience? Share your thoughts with us by using the comments box below - we’d love to hear from you!

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