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Curious about working as a General Practitioner in Australia?

One British GP reveals how she made the move of a lifetime.

With nearly 20 years of experience assisting GPs with their careers, Wavelength International is delighted to be partnering with Primary Health Care to help them find dedicated General Practitioners for their expansive network of multi-disciplinary medical centres, pathology laboratories and diagnostic imaging centres in Australia. 

Did you know that one-third of UK GPs who moved to Australia in 2017 used Wavelength to help them get there?

Simmon Cross

Simon Cross, Primary Health Care says in Australia GPs experience increased earning potential among other benefits. 

Primary Health Care is one of Australia's leading healthcare companies and has been providing quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to the people of Australia for more than 30 years.

“There are some incredible opportunities with Primary Health Care currently available for GPs with a variety of sub-specialties within the Australian healthcare system,” says Simon Cross, Primary Health Care, who led recent networking events for GPs in the UK, and has experience both in the UK and Australia.

“Compared to the UK, our Australian GPs experience increased earning potential, broader scope and freedom of work and more workplace flexibility – all with a more relaxed lifestyle. Not only that, we offer opportunities to practice right across Australia, from cosmopolitan cities and coastal towns to regional and remote areas,” he says.


Having the time of her life

One Wavelength doctor who’s having the time of her life in Australia is British GP Dr. Houda Ounnas. She’s been working for Primary Health Care based in Bondi (Sydney) since October. We caught up with her recently to ask her how she’s found the whole migration process and how she’s settling in. 

Dr Houda

Dr. Houda Ounnas, General Practitioner, reveals what she loves about working as a GP in Australia.


What inspired you to come to Australia?

In a nutshell, I just wanted some new experiences, a different lifestyle and definitely a change of weather. I wasn’t unhappy in the UK system, having worked for both the NHS and privately, but once I started to do my research and I met Jane Stanke at Wavelength in London, everything just went from there.


How did you find the process of moving to Australia with Wavelength?

It’s lengthy, however, Wavelength was brilliant and made it really easy. The migration team made sure all my paperwork was in order and that my visa was lodged on time. I was well-guided and supported throughout the whole process and everything was super-efficient.

Originally, I was offered a job on the Gold Coast with Primary Health Care, but I wanted to work closer to a big capital city. Jane went back and negotiated a great job for me in Bondi (Sydney).


What’s your experience been like working for Primary Health Care in Bondi?

There’s great support, it’s easy to build a patient base and I’ve loved every opportunity I’ve had. Primary Health Care offers endless opportunities and great flexibility. I can move around if I want to. I can be close to the beach or the city, or wherever. And if I want to move somewhere to make more money, that’s also not a problem.


What’s a typical workday like for you at the Bondi practice?

The practice is open from 7am-10pm which means I get a lot of flexibility in my day and how I manage it. I work an 8-hour quality shift while also being able to have a great work-life balance around that. I love it.


What advice would you give to other GPs looking to make the move to Australia?

Just do it! It’s so worth it. And I would suggest working for a big established company such as Primary Health Care. They’re so well organised that they’ll help you quickly if you have any problems. You always have someone around to assist and help you.

Building a patient base is also a lot easier at bigger centres. There’s a lot of foot-traffic here and the marketing by a branded practice is very helpful too.


How’s Primary Health Care different from other organisations you’ve worked for?

There are some great networking opportunities, such as staff events, which are nice. And as it’s a big company, there are always new people to meet. I feel supported and valued and feel like I’m making a difference in the community. Primary Health Care makes it easy for me to enjoy what I do.

Thanks for your time Dr Ounnas.


If you too are ready to explore your General Practice career options in Australia and want to follow in the footsteps of Dr Ounnas, register with us today

Alternatively, contact Jane Stanke on UK +44 7586 606 667 for a confidential chat.

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