Get to your next role, quicker and easier than ever

You asked, we listened. A simple way to complete your paperwork with Wave.

Wavelength is making it easier than ever to start your next role. Read on to find out all you need to know about the changes, and what you need to do. 


Here’s what’s Changing 
From November 2023, we’re introducing a new digital paperwork solution, through HealthPass. The solution involves a secure candidate portal for downloading, signing, uploading and tracking paperwork for all your placements, as well as an onboarding questionnaire that we’ll use to pre-fill as much ongoing paperwork as possible, so you’re not filling in the same information over and over again. 

The platform also makes it easier to obtain, track and update references, and ensure your credentials are all up to date. 

The whole solution is designed to make the journey to your next role quicker and more convenient. You’ll be able to complete everything you need to via your HealthPass candidate portal, whether you prefer to use a phone, computer or tablet. 


What you need to know 

If you’re a current doctor with Wave: 
What used to take up to two hours for every placement with a new organisation, now takes 20 minutes, one time only. If you’ve worked with us before, we’ll pre-fill as much information as we can, and send you the questionnaire to complete all the information we need. Prior to your next role, we’ll set up your HealthPass account, and let you know to expect an email from HealthPass with a link to set your password and get started. When you’re in, you simply follow the prompts, and look out for notifications when it’s time for you to complete any documentation. 


If you’re a doctor just starting with Wave: 

You’ve chosen a great time to jump on board! Once you’re ready to start onboarding, we’ll set up your HealthPass account, and let you know to expect an email from HealthPass with a link to set your password and get started. There you’ll find a questionnaire, which will take about 20 minutes to complete, and give us all the details we need to get you on your way to your first placement with Wave. 


What happens now? 

For now, leave it with us! We want your experience with Wave, from onboarding, to preparing for your next role, and all the placements after that, to be as simple and seamless as possible.  

We’ll get you started, and keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. Once we’re ready for you, we’ll let you know it’s time to log into your HealthPass candidate portal. 


Have questions? 

Reach out to us here, email, or give us a call on 1300 780 525. 

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