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My Doctor’s got Talent!

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Since my international flight has been delayed by 48 hours I suddenly have a bit of time on my hands. Rather than twiddle my thumbs I thought I would delve into our resume database to see what I could find.

With tens of thousands of records you can start to draw some statistically significant conclusions about a particular cohort of people – in this case doctors from around the world. So, as a bit of Christmas whimsy, here are some of my (not entirely) scientific findings:

Music Maestro

It turns out that our doctors are a musical bunch, but what are their instruments of choice? Perhaps no surprise piano (1424) is the most popular with guitar (874) a distant second. Violin (348) is also in there but trombone (76) seems to be less popular than most. Singing (550) appears to be a popular pursuit with many doing so as part of a choir (355).

High Brow Pursuits

As an interest opera (246) beats ballet (169) in a head to head, and as for composers, Bach (61) is the outright winner with Mozart (15) and Beethoven (10) left for dust.

Chess (803) looms large as an appropriately intellectual pursuit beating Scrabble (20) into submission (at least that they’ll admit to on their resume).

It seems that our doctors prefer to eat at home with cooking (1423) far more popular than dining (148). After dinner our doctors prefer to curl up at home with a good book with fiction & novels (671) just edging out movies (640). There is a small but no doubt passionate group that would rather spend some time with their stamps - philately (36).

Let's Get Physical

As for sport, well our doctors are clearly enthusiasts whether it is through participation or as a spectator. Tennis (3167) is the clear favourite with rugby (1495) a distant second followed closely by golf (1243). Soccer (1014) and surfing (1014) are neck and neck with sailing (993) just behind. Badminton (1381) is the wild card – who knew it was so popular? Thrill seekers are split down the middle between sky divers (62) and bungee-jumpers (62).

Infinity and Beyond

And as for the ultra-adventurous, many have reached Everest base camp (75) with at least one making it to the summit, compared to those that have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (155). Some have visited the Arctic (51) while others have been to the opposite end of the world setting foot on Antarctica (40) - mostly as expedition doctors.

Just Random

Finally, there are those hobbies and interest that are unique to a few individuals. Some that pop out of our data set include goldfish, international terrorism (!), fancy chickens, bees, pigs and my personal favourite, “finger painting with my kids”.

A talented and interesting lot I’m sure you’ll agree. If you can think of any other interesting comparisons, make a request by commenting on this blog and I will have a look.

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