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What does a Tony Abbott government mean for doctors?

Wavelength considers the possible implications of a Tony Abbott government for doctors and the health sector. Read the article to find out more.

Medical Careers

Research Tips before you take an Overseas Medical Job

Dr John Bethell, International medical recruitment expert considers some key tips to aid your research before starting an overseas medical job. Read more.

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Medical Careers

Why are some doctors paid more than others?

It's not fair! Wavelength investigates Doctors Pay Rates and Salaries and attempts to discover why some doctors are paid more than others. Read more.

Medical Careers

Why it matters which Recruitment Agency you Choose

Dr John Bethell deconstructs what it takes to create a great environment to work in and why it matters which Recruitment Agency you choose. Read more.

Medical Careers

District of Workforce Shortage vs Area of Need

Wavelength examines the apparent overlap between the District of Workforce Shortage & Area of Need processes to clear things up. Read more.

Medical Careers

What Determines and Influences Locum Pay Rates

Wavelength investigates a touchy subject: what determines locum pay rates and why they can fluctuate. Read more today!

Medical Careers

Great reasons to Locum (that dont involve money)

Medical locums - Although you may be seduced by attractive pay rates, Wavelength's Dr John Bethell shares reasons to locum that have nothing to do with money

Medical Careers

Succeeding with the IELTS Exam

So you think you can speak English? How to avoid the English language test or IELTS trap and get the qualification you need to work in Australia. Read more.

Medical Careers

Medical Registration Advice

Warning, don't try this at home! Dr John Bethell reviews the perils of doing your own medical registration & why you should seek help. Read more.

Medical Careers

How to avoid 'IMG Culture Shock'

Dr Bethell shares his advice on how to avoid 'Immigration Culture Shock' and why you shouldn't cross an Australian nurse. Read more.

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