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Medical Careers Discover Regional Australia

Benefits of Locuming

Learn about the benefits of Locum work: A flexible and rewarding career path for healthcare professionals. Read more now.

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Medical Careers Wellbeing

Navigating doubts, challenges and burnout in your medical career path

Delving into the challenges that arise during training, Dr Ashe Coxon offers considerations for overcoming them and emphasises the importance of seeking support.

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Medical Careers News

Breaking News: Health Workforce Certificates to be Abolished

Overseas-trained doctors seeking to work as GPs in Australia now have one less hurdle to jump.

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Medical Careers News

The ways you work with Wave are changing

Discover the latest enhancements at Wave, designed to create a friendlier, more efficient experience for our doctors.

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Medical Careers News

UK Nationals Exempted from LMT

Registered Migration Agent Alex Graham shares details of the LMT exemption that came into effect on 31 May as part of the UKFTA.

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RACGP pledges to streamline the Practice Experience Program

Major changes on the horizon for IMGs hoping to practice in Australia, with the RACGP committing to streamlining the PEP.

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Improving Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Our Chief Experience Officer, Katrina Haddad, talks about Conversational AI and how new technology is being used to improve digital customer experiences.

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Medical Careers News

Wave Regulatory & Migration Services: Your Key to a Successful Move

Discover how a Wavelength RMA can help you navigate through the Australian visa application process.

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Women’s Health info for GPs

Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist Dr Myriam Girgis shares her insight on shared care of patients with ovarian dermoid cysts.

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Medical Careers

4 Questions to ask if you’re thinking about changing careers

Guided by Dr Ashe Coxon, we delve into key questions to consider when contemplating a career change.

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