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Medicine needs women doctors - yes, even those that want to have a family

Medicine needs women doctors, even those that want to have a family, says Dr John Bethell, director and international medical recruitment specialist

Medical Careers

Do you see your medical recruiter as a valued partner?

Is your medical recruitment specialist a valued partner or a necessary evil? asks Dr John Bethall, Wavelength director and medical recruitment expert

Medical Careers

'Closing the gap' on numbers of indigenous doctors in Australia

Wavelength's Dr John Bethell says despite a wealth of funding, Australia has a long way to go in closing the gap on the number of indigenous doctors.

Medical Careers

Want to attract overseas doctors to your town? First Build a Church!

Want to attract overseas doctors to your town? Dr John Bethell explores some factors you might now consider, for instance, first build a church! Read more.

Medical Careers

Codes of Conduct and the Ethical Recruitment of Doctors

Dr John Bethell explores whether a voluntary code of conduct promotes ethical recruitment of international doctors? Read more.

Medical Careers

Doctors and Recruitment best practice often don’t mix

Like oil and water, doctors and recruitment best practice often don't mix, Dr Bethell explores some of the things that don't mix well. Read more today.

Medical Careers

Why you should consider working in New Zealand

Salaries for specialist doctors and general practitioners in NZ compete poorly on the international market. Find out the real reason why you should work in NZ

Medical Careers

Should Australian doctors have a National Award?

Dr John Bethell investigates whether Australian doctors should have a national award to stop interstate salary wars. Read more today.

Medical Careers

Issues with Elderly Doctors

Should elderly doctors be forced to retire when they are no longer fit to practice? Dr John Bethell examines issues with elderly doctors. Read more today.

Medical Careers

No free lunch for locums or their employers as it turns out

Wavelength investigates the news that Irish Locums will have no free lunch breaks and how this all makes impacts the healthcare employers and the market.

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