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Recruitment Consultants

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We have a dedicated team of recruitment consultants, para consultants, and corporate support staff ready help you find the most rewarding medical jobs.

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Claudine Zaarour

Locum Recruitment Consultant - Physicians (NSW, TAS, VIC, SA and ACT)

+612 8353 9013

Claudine specialises in: Medicine

With a degree in psychology and a diploma in human resources, five years’ recruitment experience, Claudine looks after locum general physicians and sub-specialties including oncology, geriatrics, rehab and palliative care at Wavelength.

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Melissa Welsh

Locum Recruitment Consultant - Physicians (QLD, NT, WA)

+612 8353 9056

Melissa specialises in: Medicine

Melissa has worked in the recruitment industry since 2004 and is now Wavelength’s recruitment consultant for locum physicians across all sub-specialities of medicine in Australia. Melissa prides herself on quality service.

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Androulla Leonida

Recruitment Consultant - Senior Physicians

+612 8353 9048

Androulla specialises in: Medicine, Other

Androulla has over 5 years’ international recruitment experience. She relocated from the UK to Australia in 2016 to join the Wavelength team. She helps Senior Physicians find the perfect role across General Medicine and all sub-specialties.

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Katie Tumbleston

Recruitment Consultant

+612 8353 9008

Katie specialises in: Anaesthetics, Intensive care, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery

Katie works with Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Intensive Care Physicians, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to find the perfect Specialist and Consultant level jobs across Australia.

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Tara Hallissey

Recruitment Consultant – Anaesthetics & ICU

+612 8353 9057

Tara specialises in: Anaesthetics, Intensive care

Tara works with Anaesthetists and ICU Specialists to find the perfect locum jobs across Australia.

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Nicole Langan

Locum Recruitment Consultant - Surgery

+612 8353 9016

Nicole specialises in: Surgery

Nicole is one of Wavelength’s most senior recruiters, with over 17 years of experience. She manages Surgery Locum recruitment. Nicole has built up a wealth of knowledge during her time with Wavelength and has strong networks to find Surgeons the best locum in hospitals across Australia.

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Craig Picard

Locum Recruitment Consultant - Medicine and O&G (Junior & Middle Grade)

+612 8353 9058

Craig specialises in: Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

With over eight years of healthcare experience, Craig worked in the UK as a project manager prior to joining Wavelength. There, he was responsible for primary care services in the NHS and was also a medical staffing advisor.

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Amber Derby-Davies

Locum Recruitment Consultant - O&G and Paediatrics

+612 8353 9011

Amber specialises in: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics

Amber has focussed on the recruitment of locum specialists in obstetrics & gynaecology and paediatrics at Wavelength since 2004. As one of our most senior recruiters, Amber has an in-depth knowledge of the industry...

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Jane Stanke

Recruitment Consultant

+612 8353 9068

Jane specialises in: General Practice

Jane manages GP recruitment for roles in Australia (QLD, WA). Jane is based in London, UK which means Jane can provide UK, Irish and Europe-based doctors with a more efficient and personalised service.

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Robert Jefferies

GP Locum Team Manager & GP Proceduralist Specialist

+612 8353 9043

Robert specialises in: General Practice

Rob leads our Locum team, placing General Practitioners into roles that suit their schedules, as well as assisting GP Proceduralist Specialists find permanent roles to advance their careers.

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Ross Jenkins

Locum Recruitment Consultant

+612 8353 9078

Ross specialises in: General Practice

Ross has over 5 years of medical recruitment experience and joined Wavelength to work on the GP team with a focus on Locum General Practice roles.

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Peter Treacy

General Manager - GP Division

+612 8353 9030

Peter specialises in: General Practice

Peter leads our GP team, mentoring our Locum and Permanent GP recruitment consultants who focus on finding the most rewarding jobs for General Practitioners.

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Emma Gough

Recruitment Consultant

+612 8353 9042

Emma specialises in: Emergency Medicine

Emma manages permanent placements of Emergency Medicine Consultants and Career Medical Officers into Emergency Departments across Australia.

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Stephanie Nash

Associate Recruitment Consultant - Emergency Medicine (Consultants, Junior and Middle Grade)

+612 8353 9024

Stephanie specialises in: Emergency Medicine

Stephanie joined Wavelength in 2015 to provide support to the Regulatory and Migration team. She then moved into a para consultant role for the Emergency Medicine team gaining a thorough understanding of recruitment operations.

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Matthew Said

Locum Recruitment Consultant - Emergency Medicine & Surgery (Junior & Middle Grade)

+612 8353 9029

Matthew specialises in: Emergency Medicine, Surgery

Matt looks after locum junior (RMO) and middle grade (REG) Doctor recruitment in Emergency Medicine and Surgery.

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Anabel Wason

Locum Recruitment Consultant - Anaesthetics, ICU & Paediatrics (Junior & Middle Grade)

+612 8353 9046

Anabel specialises in: Anaesthetics, Intensive care, Paediatrics

Anabel joined Wavelength in February 2015 as a para-consultant. She enjoyed the company environment so much she has continued on to now manage the junior and middle grade doctor portfolio for Anaesthetics, ICU and Paediatrics.

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Stephen Bryant

Recruitment Consultant - Psychiatry

+612 8353 9071

Stephen specialises in: Psychiatry

Stephen works with Psychiatrists to find the most rewarding permanent Psychiatry jobs from the Wavelength network of hospitals and healthcare services.

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Laura Chen

Locum Recruitment Consultant - Psychiatry (Registrars)

+612 8353 9060

Laura specialises in: Psychiatry

Laura joined Wavelength in 2013 and places Psychiatry Registrars in hospitals across Australia. During this time she has built up a thorough understanding of the industry.

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Katherine Molloy

Recruitment Consultant - Locum Psychiatrists

+612 8353 9054

Katherine specialises in: Psychiatry

As the demand for Locum Psychiatrists has continued to grow, Katherine has progressed from a para consultant role at Wavelength to a recruiter now assisting Psychiatrists find the most rewarding jobs in QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, ACT, NT & in Private Practice.

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Emma Laidler

Recruitment Consultant

+612 8353 9023

Emma specialises in: Psychiatry

Emma Laidler assists Locum Psychiatrists in NSW and WA. Taking pride in her ability to build strong and lasting relationships with candidates and clients, Emma is dedicated to providing the best service.

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Reyna Sidon

Recruitment Consultant

+612 8353 9023

Reyna specialises in: Emergency Medicine

Contact Reyna today for a confidential discussion about your Psychiatry career.

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Richard Taylor

General Manager – Hospital Services

+612 8353 9021

Richard specialises in: Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Intensive care, Management & Administration, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Pathology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery

Richard has over 15 years’ experience in recruitment and account management within the healthcare industry, and has been with Wavelength since 2009. Prior to joining Wavelength, Richard had a background in corporate recruitment for two of the world’s largest global recruitment brands.

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Tara Pickering

Recruitment Consultant - Specialist Division

+612 8353 9075

Tara specialises in: Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery

Tara joined Wavelength in 2010 and manages the recruitment of specialist consultants in Singapore and New Zealand. She provides doctors from all over the world with world-class medical roles that suit their needs.

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Costa Intzirlis

General Manager – Client Solutions

+612 8353 9088

Costa specialises in: Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, General Practice, Healthcare Executive , Intensive care, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery

Contact Costa to discuss our range of tailored medical recruitment solutions for hospitals and healthcare services across Australian and New Zealand.

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