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A move to Australia offers exciting career and lifestyle opportunities. Here at Wavelength International, we’ve spent 24 years helping doctors across all grades and specialties relocate to Australia to work in amazing roles and experience the Australian way of life.

Right now we have a high number of vacancies Australia-wide. Whether you are looking for a year’s fellowship position, a consultant role with less stress and better hours, or your first leadership position. We have roles located from coast to outback, city to rural and in public and private hospitals and community settings. It’s a big move, so we’ve prepared all the information you’ll need to get this exciting new chapter in your career underway. Select from our menu below to get started.

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Benefits of living and working in Australia

We could talk for hours about the benefits of living and working in Australia. The warm climate, enviable lifestyle and excellent health system are just a few reasons why Australia could be for you. You’ll also be pleased to hear that Australia is rated the 8th-best country to live in the world by the United Nations' Human Development Report.

  • World class medicare system
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • Competitive salaries
  • Indigenous health opportunities
  • Cutting edge hospital technology
  • Opportunities across all specialties
  • A warm, sunny climate
  • Great Happiness Index rating
  • First rate education system
  • Friendly, welcoming people

Video Series: what it’s really like for a doctor to relocate to Australia

In this video series we answer common questions doctors ask us about migrating to, and living and working in Australia. We’ve broken these videos down into bite-sized chunks, so you can watch them all in one go, or as you find time across your busy day. In one, we share the experiences of a doctor who has made the move already, and in the other, we delve into the nuts and bolts around the process of migrating to Australia.


dr buxtonDr Buxton

Hear from a doctor who has made the move and never looked back

In this video Dr Buxton explains how he built a career and lifestyle in the Australian outback, far from his native Scotland. As a GP working in remote communities, his experience is unique, but the lessons he learned along the way are helping other UK-based doctors plan their own journey. We’ve broken this video down into seven snippets, so you can watch in any order that works for you.


elinorElinor, Expert Consultant

Unravelling the regulatory and migration process

In this video we take a closer look at the ins and outs of the regulatory & migration processes required to live and work in Australia. Covering topics such as visas, qualifications and AHPRA registration, these eight bite-sized videos answer the questions we’re often asked by doctors looking to move to Australia. More importantly, they introduce you to the team who can help make it all happen.

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Ready to write your next chapter?

Book a confidential 20 minute chat with one of our expert consultants specific to your medical specialty. We’ll answer your questions and talk about the next steps to get the ball rolling on your Australian adventure.

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