Wavelength's Lifeblood Team: Making a Positive Impact

Giving blood could change someone's life.

In 1999 Wavelength was founded on the premise of truly caring about the service delivered in the healthcare industry. 25 years later, one of the many activities reflecting this is the dedication of the Wavelength Lifeblood Team. These generous Wavies share their reasons for giving blood this World Blood Donor Day

Lisa, who recently completed her 44th donation, donates because “someone I know, including myself, may need it one day and it makes me feel good to give back.” She adds, “The more donations I make, the more curious I get about the process, and the more questions I ask, the more fascinated I get.”

“My mum was a Super Donor (150+ donations!) so the importance of donating has always been in my family.” Says Max, a five-time donor. “I had to wait until UK migrants were able to donate in Australia, but have since donated whenever the Blood Bus comes to down – and sets up in the Bunnings carpark. It’s a unique place to donate!”

Lizzie, who has completed her 29 donations, says, “It’s a donation I can make that I know will never go to waste. I am privileged to be able to donate – so many people can’t – and so I’m more than happy to do my bit.” 

Lifeblood reports that Australia needs over 1.7 million donations every year  to meet demand for blood products, which is approximately three donations every minute. Reserves of most blood types have started to drop to critical levels, so it is crucial to get out there and donate. Just one donation can save up to three lives.

“I think it's particularly important for those working in the healthcare industry to donate blood,” Max explains, “not least because it helps save and improve the lives of those in need, but also helps provide context to the work we do and the positive individual impact we can have as service professionals to doctors and health services.”

Carole adds, “It provides the gift of life in so many ways; it’s something that so many people can do but sadly not everyone does.” Lisa adds “It's free, it saves lives, it's quick and it's easy.” Blood products are always in demand during medical emergencies, so if my donation means someone has access to more immediate treatment and better outcomes, I want to be able to help,” Lizzie says.

More than one million litres of blood were donated to Lifeblood in 2023. Lifeblood shares personal stories about how blood donations have given people the chance to overcome life-threatening illnesses. In particular, they share the story of Mason who as a toddler had a rare and aggressive cancer. During the chemo process, he needed blood donations to replenish his healthy cells so he could continue treatment. Receiving that donation helped change the rest of his life.

Carole shares how donating impacted someone she knows personally. “I used to give blood when I lived in Scotland but coming from the UK I couldn’t donate in Australia for many years,” she recalls. “But when a friend’s little boy similar in age to my own son was diagnosed with leukaemia and restrictions changed, it was good to be able to help.”  

“Even though I've never had a bad experience, I still get nervous with every donation,” Lisa admits. “But I know if I ever needed a blood transfusion, I wouldn't hesitate to receive it, so I don't hesitate to donate.”

Tahlia adds, “It may seem scary to take the plunge, but it is so important and makes you feel so good to know you are helping.”

After you give blood, Lifeblood lets you know where your donation is going, so you can continue to feel connected to the cause.

“Shortly after my donation, I get a text advising where my blood has been received,” Max explains. “I was pleased to see my last two donations have gone to health services Wavelength already partners with. The idea that my blood could be helpful for a patient that one of our doctors is treating makes it even more rewarding.”

“When donating whole blood, getting the text to say where my blood has been used is always such a proud moment,” Tahlia adds. “It’s different with plasma as it is used for so many things and can be made into other products.”

Blood donations are vital to save lives. With stocks critically low, is it time to see if you’re eligible to donate? Find out here and book an appointment with Lifeblood.

To learn more from Lifeblood, visit their Vital Reads.

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