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Wavelength’s focus on customer experience sees record NPS in January 2023

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New research recently compiled by Wavelength shows the company’s customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) has increased substantially in the six months since the previous survey, resulting in the highest overall score in many years.

The survey encompassed a spectrum of people who have interacted with Wavelength, including current and previous client representatives and candidates across a range of specialties, locations, and seniorities.

With a consistent focus on continuous improvement, Wavelength has previously commissioned annual or bi-annual surveys, moving to a quarterly cadence from 2023 to enhance data accuracy and allow for more immediacy in responding to any sudden trends. In 2021, the company achieved a score of +55, but saw a decline at the beginning of 2022, with a result of +44. The 2023 score of +63 shows a significant increase. ClearlyRated lists the global benchmark candidate score for the recruitment industry at 19%, while the client benchmark score is 31%.

Some of the feedback we received from candidates and clients include:

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Wavelength’s Chief Experience Officer, Katrina Haddad, has been overseeing all marketing activity, alongside candidate and client experience, for the past six months. Katrina said: “This is a great reflection of the work across all areas of the business, from the personalised and expert services delivered by our recruitment teams, through our operations and finance teams who provide behind-the-scenes support, through to our marketing team which has invested strongly in customer experience over the past year.”

In 2022, Wavelength introduced an organisation-wide customer experience strategy, focusing on alleviating pain points throughout the candidate journey. It featured a variety of internal initiatives, which they believe have contributed to the significant increase in their NPS. Chris Riley, Wavelength CEO, said: “Firstly, we made a strategic decision to appoint our industry’s first CXO as well as streamlining our internal processes. We also initiated additional administrative support for recruiters and expanded our operational teams. Our recruiters are also given freedom to provide their candidates with personalised service depending on their needs, whether that’s organising welcome gifts, checking in via phone after a tough day, or going the extra mile to assist with last-minute travel changes. This extra effort, and the genuine care our recruiters have for our doctors, is what sets Wavelength apart from the crowd, and it’s one of the reasons we have such strong, enduring relationships with our candidates.”

While the positive score is worthy of celebration, the Wavelength team recognises there is always room for improvement and is working towards a score of 75% or more, which is considered ‘world-class.’ Katrina said: “We note the feedback around improvements that can be made to communication with both candidates and clients, whether through closing feedback loops, lessening response times and improving communication between internal teams. Over the next six-to-twelve months we’re investing in digital solutions to streamline the candidate journey and ensure our clients and candidates are receiving optimal, timely and relevant communication.”

We look forward to sharing our progress gained from these survey results, in our continued mission to ensure our clients and customers experience optimal service at Wavelength.


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