Medical FlyWays: Spotlighting Migrant Doctor Stories

Telling the untold stories of migrant doctors

Migrant doctors are vital to Australia’s healthcare sector; they bring diverse perspectives to patient care, fill crucial gaps in underserved areas and are deeply dedicated to serving the community. However, from adjusting to a new healthcare system to dealing with unconscious biases, these significant contributions are not without its challenges. We believe that understanding the experiences of migrant doctors is a step towards creating a more inclusive and compassionate healthcare sector, and our newest podcast, Medical FlyWays, does just that.  

Created and hosted by Dr Srishti Dutta, Medical FlyWays is a celebration of resilience, passion and cultural diversity within the healthcare community. Dr Dutta, with her own connection to the migrant experience, felt a strong pull to share these untold stories with the world. 

Dr Srishti Dutta

“I felt deeply compelled to capture the essence of these incredible individuals”, says Dr Dutta.

“Their stories are not just about overcoming hurdles, but about the unwavering passion that keeps them going amidst personal sacrifices and cultural complexities. It’s an ode to their resilience, an inspiration to aspiring doctors, and a powerful testament to the human spirit.” 


From navigating visa processes to bridging language barriers, each episode of Medical FlyWays peels back the curtain, revealing the raw and real experiences of migrant doctors. Exploring their triumphs, challenges, and everything in-between, these narratives will resonate with anyone seeking to understand the migrant experience.  

Wavelength’s Director, Claire Ponsford, understands how important it is to share these stories. “Medical FlyWays sheds light on the invaluable contributions of migrant doctors to Australian healthcare. It fosters empathy, understanding, and inclusion within the medical community, while also offering Wavelength clients invaluable insights into the experiences of this diverse and dedicated workforce.” 

In our debut season, listeners will get to meet these incredible doctors: 

  • Dr Farnoush Nia, an Iranian-trained GP and GP supervisor, brings her eight years of experience from Tehran to Melbourne, where she focuses on women’s and children’s health. Alongside her clinical work, she writes about her experiences and supports International Medical Graduates through RACGP. 
  • Dr Talat Uppal is a Gynaecologist and the Director of Women’s Health Road, hailing from Africa where she pursued her medical education. She found her calling in women’s health as a medical graduate in Australia. 
  • Dr Lynda-Rose Chapeyama is a Zimbabwe-born GP psychotherapist, medical educator, and sexual health advocate. Having relocated to Australia at 18 years old, she completed her medical degree at the University of Newcastle and now practices in Melbourne. 
  • Dr Jenny Huang is a leading GP researcher, exploring the experience of International Medical Graduates while actively promoting environmental sustainability in healthcare through various non-profit organisations.  

You can tune in on Apple and Spotify from 25 March. Don’t forget to subscribe to catch every episode and share these stories that truly deserve to be heard. 

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