Marrying clinical excellence and business excellence for ultimate GP Clinic success

How Scale My Clinic revolutionises General Practice through focusing on business excellence

We know that General Practice plays a monumental role in the Australian Healthcare System, accounting for more than twice the number of episodes of care each year than hospitals. However, while GP is focused on the ever-increasing demands of clinical excellence, business excellence is often overlooked. As a result, most GP clinic owners do not achieve the level of success that their hard work deserves. According to Health of the Nation 2022 (the RACGP’s Annual Report), clinic owners experiencing financial stress were more likely to experience burnout. 78% of clinic owners for whom business profitability was a challenge experienced feelings of burnout during the prior 12 months, compared to the 61% who weren’t experiencing business profitability challenges.  

“The General Practice sector has been under a lot of pressure, owing to various factors such as high demand, bureaucracy, funding and recruiting,” said Dr Todd Cameron, renowned General Practitioner with previous roles on peak bodies such as chairing one of the Medicare Locals. “General Practice remained open throughout the pandemic and GP teams continue to work hard to care for all patients, providing over twice the number of episodes of care than hospitals with funding of less than 8% of the country’s total health expenditure.” 


Scale My Clinic was born 

In 2019, Dr Cameron co-founded Scale My Clinic with Dr Sachin Patel, leading General Practitioner and Founder & Director of Aged Care GP, with the vision of creating impact and serving the GP community across Australia. Scale My Clinic is Australia’s only business coaching service exclusively dedicated to helping private GP Owners improve their businesses, overcome challenges, enjoy higher returns, and strike a better work-life balance as they continue to make a difference in their patients’ lives. 

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“At Scale My Clinic, we’re driven to elevate General Practice ownership and strengthen the GP space through business excellence,” said Dr Patel. “We’re here to help private GP owners revamp their businesses to encourage sustainable business growth and help them lead more balanced lives as they continue to offer equitable, high-quality care to their patients.” 


The Scale My Clinic difference 

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Scale My Clinic provides industry-proven Business Excellence methods, techniques and insights to propel clinic growth and create successful results in privately held GP clinics, whether they’re startups, small, large or multi-site organisations.  


Scale My Clinic provides expert advice and support for GP owners to:

  • Recognise gaps, priorities and available resources 
  • Plan integration of various facets of the business 
  • Create and keep a fantastic and efficient core team 
  • Manage their business model, administration and staffing strategies 
  • Create, implement, execute and maintain marketing strategy 
  • Navigate financial budgets and legal considerations  
  • Accelerate and optimise the digital transformation ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As Dr Cameron explains, “Our goal at Scale My Clinic is to help GP owners transform from under all the pressure and fatigue, and master the art of turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and improvement. We help GP owners understand what needs to change, and take immediate action with the confidence that they are moving in the right direction.” 

Dr Patel adds, “In essence, we want to help more doctors help more patients in a sustainable way.” 


Project X 

As SMC’s flagship programme, Project X is a unique offering designed by GP owners, for GP owners, to offer the education, support and advice needed to propel clinic growth and achieve immediate results. 

Project X premium inclusions: 

  • Daily in-person support 
  • Built-in accountability  
  • Bespoke service support 
  • Exclusive GP Growth library 
  • Access to intensive educational conferences and events 
  • Specialised modules on the Medicare benefits Schedule and Chronic Disease Management 
  • Networking opportunities within the Project X community 

General Practice Owners across Australia continue to benefit from the personalised Project X programme run by Dr Cameron and Dr Patel who, having firsthand experience and a steadfast passion for the profession, provide their expertise with the best interests of the doctors and their patients at heart. 


Join the 250K GP Treasure Hunt 

Sign up for the Scale My Clinic March GP Challenge to fast-track your clinic’s success 

  • One-time offer for new participants 
  • Fully refundable entry fee 
  • 1 hour a day for 5 days, 27-31 March 
  • CPD Approved 

Find out more and register to participate here. 

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