Improving Customer Experience with Conversational AI

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Hosted by the CX Network, our Chief Experience Officer, Katrina Haddad, joined Sebastien De Cock (Sprinklr) to chat with Rhiannon Chandler-Day in a fireside chat on Conversational AI, sharing some of the digital and technological investments Wave has been making to enhance customer experience. The investment in digital experiences and technology is a key part of our priorities in the next financial year, with 10 projects in our plan to drive innovation, customer centricity and continuous improvement.   


Speaking about how conversational AI is just one aspect of AI that the team is exploring, Katrina expresses: 

“We have been experimenting with AI across the organisation, mostly internally to help with our processes and efficiency, but have just completed our first pilot using conversational AI for a re-engagement journey to our candidates, with some very good results, and have a few more conversations now in planning.” 


Through this work, Wavelength have been working with Conversr, who are experts in designing AI enabled human-like conversations and journeys. Conversr’s founder, Luke Bridges, says that when it comes to leveraging AI, it’s not only about turning on a piece of technology or code:

“We have always been about curating conversations, and working with our clients to create great context that generates trust”, which has been the approach taken in their work with Wavelength. 

When looking at how investments in digital and customer experience align with the organisation’s vision and values, Katrina shares that it is all about building on the capacity to create stronger, long-term relationships with healthcare professionals, at all stages of their careers:

“Wavelength believes that our healthcare system will deliver more to patients if the people working in it are happy, healthy and in the right jobs. We have always set ourselves apart through the genuine care that the team has for the doctors and clients we work with; investing in technology and digital solutions enables us to scale that impact, provide more choice, and simplify the journey.” 

 “We are just at the start of this digital transformation, but there are many things on the roadmap ahead that we’re excited to be rolling out. Stay tuned – we’ll continue sharing what we’re doing, and the lessons learned along the way.”  


Watch the recording of the Fireside Chat here: 

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