From Desk to the Ring In 10 Weeks

Long-term team member set to represent Wavelength in corporate boxing tournament

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Always ready to give anything a go, Graham Long was keen to take his chance in the boxing ring, signing up for Corporate Fighter in December 2022.  

The fun and challenging 10-week boxing experience offers training with industry professionals for 10 weeks, culminating in a once-in-a-lifetime fight night experience. The program is designed for everyday corporate workers of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds. 

We caught up with Too fast, too strong’ Graham Long to hear about his journey so far. 

Why did you choose to fight? 

When I joined, I was asked why I chose to participate. For many people, it’s about a personal challenge; they want to lose weight or achieve a goal. I had several reasons why I wanted to do this. 

My purpose is not only to reach a personal goal but also to do something that has a positive impact on the world. As I approach my 30s and get stuck into the new year, I’m eager to step out of my comfort zone and take on a new challenge. 

Inspired by a friend who previously competed in Corporate Fighter, and fuelled by my passion for giving back, I’m raising funds for Will2Live, a Sydney-based charity dedicated to supporting homeless individuals and empowering them towards self-sufficiency. 

In the past, I’ve had opportunities to volunteer with Will2Live, and I’ve witnessed the incredible work they do at their HOMA café and program centre in Redfern. Their mission to provide training, work, and a pathway to mainstream employment for people in need is truly inspiring. 

With a goal to raise $2,000 by fight night, I’m determined to make a difference for Will2Live. Every donation, big or small, will bring us closer to this goal and bring hope to those in need. Join me in making a difference today. 

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Volunteering at the café with some close friends.

What has the Corporate Fighter experience involved so far? 

Most participants are amateurs and have never boxed before, and over the 10 weeks, we’re taught to master the fundamentals of technique and footwork. Then we start sparring, with increasing intensity. 

Our sessions are dynamic; we push our limits with mountain climbers, planks, sit-down/stand-ups, and even burpees. The drills are designed to boost our overall fitness for fight night, and while I hate doing it at the time, it is actually fun - and extremely beneficial! 

For technique – we work on footwork and defence drills and use pads for punching practice. The coaches are wonderful, extremely passionate and provide great routines with each session, even offering extra personal training sessions if we feel the need. 

What’s in store for fight night? 

The big night, Friday 17 March 2023, will be an exhibition in front of 600 friends, family and colleagues. Along with the fights, we’ll enjoy food and drinks, and continue to raise money for each of our chosen charities via auctions and raffles. 

There is still some time until the fight, but I’d like to give a big thank you to all my friends, family, workmates, Wavelength and especially my partner (who is sick of listening to me talking about boxing) for their unwavering support so far. I promise to put on a good show for everyone! 

CFSydney68 Graham Long

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