The ways you work with Wave are changing

New efficiencies for a better experience

We’ve been busy planning a range of business improvements and we’re excited to announce some capability upgrades to improve the way our clients and candidates work with Wave. 

Our current strategy involves significant investment in 10 innovative projects across Customer Experience, people experience and technology. After a big year of development planning, we have three new capability improvements ready to roll out before Christmas. Our NPS surveys, and constant communication with our candidates and clients, reiterated some of the things that need to change, for us to continue to offer optimal service, and the best, most streamlined experience, for both doctors and employers. 


Here are three key changes that will improve how you work with Wave. 

1. Candidate Onboarding  

We’re implementing a solution that will drastically change the way our candidates onboard with Wave. Designed to streamline information gathering, no matter the employer, we’ve designed a cover-all questionnaire that will take 20 minutes to fill out, rather than what used to take hours – or even days! The best bit? Once candidates have provided their information for one role, they won’t have to provide it again for subsequent roles they secure through Wave. 

We know the last thing our doctors want is to have to fill out duplicate forms with the same information, and this solution fixes that. There’s significantly less effort for doctors to get started with Wavelength, with less paperwork both at the start of the Wavelength journey, and throughout subsequent placements. 

 2. Travel Management 

Soon we’ll be announcing a new partnership with a top business travel provider, which will make it easy for both doctors and employers – and the Wave team – to manage all the ins and outs of locum travel arrangements. There’s even an app for travellers, making it easy to plan, manage, and alter travel arrangements. 

 3. Payroll Management 

Our new payroll solution will streamline the path from first shift to bank transfer, with upgrades to how we manage timesheets, reporting, invoicing and payments. Designed to alleviate pressure on our doctors, this update will improve processes for workers, employers and for the Wavelength team, by implementing automation and alleviating paperwork. 


No decision to change and improve how we work with our clients and candidates is taken lightly. Every change comes from a rigorous research process, involving feedback and guidance from people we work with every day, who the changes will affect most. 

Stay tuned for more details on these capability improvements in the coming weeks! 

Contact your recruitment consultant for more information. 

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