Finding your ideal medical practice setting in Australia

Here’s what doctors are looking for in a home location in Australia

Australia has become an increasingly appealing destination for overseas healthcare practitioners looking for new opportunities. But with Australia offering such a huge variety of experiences and lifestyle options, it can be hard to choose! We designed a quiz to help overseas doctors hone down where they might like to live and work down under, and we uncovered a few trends. Here’s what we found: 

Regional charms dominate desirability 

A surprising finding showed that nearly half of respondents like the idea of regional Australia. These areas were identified for their unique characteristics, with coastal towns and wine regions following closely behind. Major cities and the Australian outback, while still attractive to some, were the top choice for a select few.  

Australia’s natural beauty takes center stage 

Unsurprisingly, Australia’s stunning beaches and coastline emerged as the top choice for an ideal setting, being preferred by nearly half of the respondents. The rich heritage and history of diverse towns appeals to 20%, while remote and rugged landscapes with small-town charm are preferred by only 1 in 10.  

Lifestyle balance 

In seeking the perfect lifestyle, a significant majority (70%)  prioritise a balance between a relaxed environment and urban amenities. A thirst for new experiences and adventures motivates 1 in 10 people, while just over 5% seek the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Healthcare setting preferences 

When it comes to healthcare settings, priorities vary. Approximately 1 in 3 seek access to cutting-edge research and specialised facilities, 1 in 4 aim to build strong relationships with patients and communities, and 1 in 10 are interested in working with indigenous and remote communities. 

Culinary delights and lifestyle enhancements 

Foodies love variety, with 43% preferring international options, laneway dining, and hidden bars. For 1 in 4, fresh seafood and ocean views are key to culinary satisfaction. 5% are keen to explore traditional bush tucker and experience the uniqueness of outback dining.  

Community matters 

A friendly and welcoming community with a laid-back vibe is a top priority for over half of respondents when settling in a new area. For 1 in 5, diversity in a multicultural community and varied backgrounds is crucial, while just over 1 in 10 favour a bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

Commute considerations 

Interestingly, commute times and traffic aren’t deal-breakers for the majority (70%), especially when the opportunity aligns with their preferences. However, for the remaining 30%, reducing travel times is a priority, often associated with a desire for a slower pace of life. 


Australia’s appeal lies not just in its job opportunities but also in the lifestyle communities and diverse environments it offers. For overseas practitioners ready for a new chapter, Australia is the ideal destination to make a meaningful impact on healthcare while enjoying a well-balanced and enriching life.  

Explore our range of opportunities here, or you can get in touch with us to find your dream location. You can also check out our Discover Regional Australia series where we go over what each state has to offer. 

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