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How to thrive as a locum FACEM

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There’s an undeniable allure of locum work for emergency department (ED) doctors in Australia. The freedom, flexibility, and significant remuneration make it a tempting career choice. If you are tempted to dive headfirst into emergency locum life, here are some key reasons to choose Wavelength to ensure a smooth transition and a successful stint. 


Choose the better experience 

An expert in her space, Emergency Medicine Recruitment Consultant Mikalia Brooks focuses exclusively on FACEM locum work Australia-wide. 

Mikaila is supported by Brodie Maynard, who helps ensure your locum experience is stress free, by researching and booking everything you need from hire cars, flights, and accommodation to organising and tracking all your credentialling requirements. Repeat locums with Wavelength are a breeze, using an onboarding form to prepopulate hospital forms, enabling you to instantly complete and sign required paperwork. 

Mikaila’s advice: 
“Think about what you’re looking to achieve in the next stage of your career. Is it diverse experiences? To make a difference in under-resourced hospitals? To learn particular new skills? There are so many locum roles available for FACEMs with different focuses and patient bases. I’m here to help you navigate it all.” 


Find the Perfect Fit 

We specialise in Emergency Medicine locum placements, so understand your needs and the needs of the health facilities who are looking for locum doctors. We’ll connect you with the right opportunities, support you throughout the process, and ensure you have a fulfilling emergency medicine locum career. 

Mikaila’s advice: “The more up-front you are about what you’re looking to achieve, and the more open you are to trying something new, the easier it will be to connect you with the right role. At Wave, we pride ourselves as partners for your career – we don’t place you in a role and then say goodbye! We can work with you in the short-term or throughout your career to help you achieve your goals.” 


Make the Most of Locum Life 

We’re passionate about incorporating your career goals and your career doesn’t need to go on hold while you locum. Design your locum placements so that you can complete CPD requirements and explore education and training opportunities while you explore new experiences. 

Mikaila’s advice: “Use ACEM’s resources, readily available on the website. There’s a Professional Development Plan guide, and a database of external activities that qualify for CPD, so you can plan your placements to up-skill and tick off your CPD requirements at the same time.” 

We understand a work-life balance is important. While locum work can be lucrative, it's important to prioritise your well-being. Schedule breaks, delegate tasks effectively, and don't be afraid to say no to additional shifts if you need a break. 

Mikaila’s advice: “Don’t be afraid to try a few roles in short stints to see what fits. Great doctors, who approach each locum role with passion and dedication, make an impact, and will be invited back. You can consider regular locums, or continue to explore new roles and new hospitals for as long as you like!” 


Refer a FACEM 

As you will know FACEMs are in demand right now. Our loyal and exclusive doctors provide us with an increased ability to meet our client needs so if you have any friends or colleagues who might be interested in working with us, not only to will you get a $500 referral bonus, but for a limited time only we're throwing in 50,000 Frequent Flyer points! This offer is exclusive to FACEM referrals, the perfect way to say “thank you”. 

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Contact Mikalia for the latest FACEM Locum opportunities 

Mikaila Brooks

Mikalia Brooks

Mobile +61 413 067 393

Email mbrooks@wave.com.au

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