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Considering Locum work in Australia?

Most of us know that locum contracts offer high rates. And it’s well known that locum work gives you the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want.


Whether you’re hoping to maximise your earning potential, experience new working environments or visit new locations across Australia while getting paid at the same time; locum work gives you the freedom and flexibility to do what is important to you at every stage of your career. 

We recently caught up with Dr Eleanor Moulden our ‘Summertime Locum’ Apple iPhone competition winner, to hear firsthand what locuming means to her and to gain some further insights into how rewarding a locum experience can be.

Dr Eleanor Moulden explores different parts of Australia with Locum work.


What is your favourite locum destination? And why?

My favourite locum so far would have to be Alice Springs. The department at the hospital there is friendly, the work is interesting and challenging and the area is beautiful with so much to explore.

Another favourite is Launceston. Launceston General Hospital has a really friendly department and is such a great team to be a part of. Tasmania is also a great palce to explore with so many outdoor activities like rock climbing and mountain bike riding.

Stepping out of my comfort zone gives me perspective. Experiencing life outside my normal environment is rewarding and eye-opening. I get to meet amazing and incredible people working in remote and rural communities. I can feel I'm making a difference to health outcomes in these locations. The break from routine can also be very refreshing.


What advice would you give to doctors who have never tried locum work before?

I would advise doctors to get out of their comfort zone, use locum work to check out a health system in a new location and explore a place you wouldn’t normally work. If you’re from the city, go to the country, increase your skill set and gain greater exposure to new ways of doing things.


What location have you not yet completed locum work in but would like to? And why?

I would love to find a locum contract that allows me to head up to North Western Australia, Broome – Karratha.  This part of Australia has always fascinated me and would be great to not only work in but explore around. I haven’t worked there as my roster hasn’t allowed me to… yet!


Step out of your comfort zone like Dr Moulden does, and locum in a location you’ve never worked at before. Dr Mouldens next adventure takes her to Tasmania!


Wavelength offers a variety of locum placements around Australia ranging from one shift to six months, as well as ongoing positions giving you greater choice and flexibility.


Get in touch with a member of our locum team today.

Choose a destination that offers you something a little different. You'll be surprised at what life-changing and rewarding experiences you'll receive in return for making a difference.


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