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How is technology shaping the future of Radiology?

Find out how Frank Gaillard's is changing the way medicine is taught and his views on how technology is changing the medical landscape.

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Taken some time off? How do you explain that on your CV?

How can doctors who have an employment gap on their resume explain it in a way that doesn’t restrict their job prospects? Here are some useful ways to discuss an employment gap in a productive manner.

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Alarming number of women affected by Breast Cancer daily

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. 48 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each day. We talk to Dr Nipu Jayatilleke about why she chose to work as a Breast Surgeon and the advocacy she takes part in to help improve the number of women affected by this terrible disease.

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How can you help solve the unequal distribution of Doctors in rural and remote areas?

We talk to one of Australia’s leading Emergency Physicians Professor Middleton about the growing problem of FACEM maldistribution and how he believes ED Doctors should commit to either spending time...

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Our favourite experiences at last week’s Resus @ The Harbour Event

Resus is the only multidisciplinary resuscitation conference in NSW, so the Wavelength Emergency Medicine Recruitment Team was there in force to soak up all the latest trends and developments in resuscitation, cardiac arrest and trauma. Find out what you might have missed at the event!

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What role can you play in increasing the cardiac arrest survival rate in Australia?

In Australia, around 30,000 people suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest each year. On average, only 9-10% survive. We all have a part to play in increasing this alarmingly low survival rate and could be saving 12,000 lives a year!

Read our interview with Associate Professor Paul Middleton, Senior Emergency Medicine Specialist, to find out how.

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RACGP Specialist Pathway Program vs Specialist Recognition Program

From 3 September 2018, the RACGP’s Specialist Pathway Program (SPP) is being replaced by the Specialist Recognition Program (SRP). To be assessed under the current SPP arrangements, you must create a RACGP profile and pay the assessment fee by 31st August 2018. Read our blog for full details.

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3 Ways Coaching Might Be For You

Some Australian doctors are turning to the concept of coaching to assist them with various career challenges. We asked Dr Anthony Llewellyn to discuss how coaching can be used and the potential benefits doctors can gain from it.

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4 Tips for Interview Success

At this time of year many Junior Doctors are preparing to interview for a position next year. It can be a stressful time for some, so we asked Dr Anthony Llewellyn, Medical HR Expert and Founder of AdvanceMed, to share his top tips for interview success.

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Discover a new medical career in Australia

Seven UK and Irish doctors reveal why they made the life-changing move to Australia to advance their medical careers.

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