Results are in! 9 in 10 doctors want agency help to find jobs

9 in 10 Australian Doctors have a positive impression of medical recruitment agencies, new research shows. Find out why Doctors prefer to partner with agencies to secure the very best job opportunities rather than apply direct.

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Enlightening. Stunning. Welcoming - Our visit to Tasmania

Find out what our Medicine & Medical Imaging Team learnt on their recent visit to three hospitals in Tasmania.

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How is technology shaping the future of Radiology?

Find out how Frank Gaillard's is changing the way medicine is taught and his views on how technology is changing the medical landscape.

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Taken some time off? How do you explain that on your CV?

How can doctors who have an employment gap on their resume explain it in a way that doesn’t restrict their job prospects? Here are some useful ways to discuss an employment gap in a productive manner.

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Alarming number of women affected by Breast Cancer daily

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. 48 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each day. We talk to Dr Nipu Jayatilleke about why she chose to work as a Breast Surgeon and the advocacy she takes part in to help improve the number of women affected by this terrible disease.

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Medicare provider number as a Doctor in Australia - Everything you need to know

If you are going to be treating private patients in Australia, read the expert advice from our Regulatory team about how to get a Medicare provider number.

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How can you help solve the unequal distribution of Doctors in rural and remote areas?

We talk to one of Australia’s leading Emergency Physicians Professor Middleton about the growing problem of FACEM maldistribution and how he believes ED Doctors should commit to either spending time...

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4 values of an exceptional workplace culture

We’ve been recognised as an Employer of Choice at the Australian Business Awards 2018. Read on about the four company values we follow to create our exceptional workplace culture.

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Our favourite experiences at last week’s Resus @ The Harbour Event

Resus is the only multidisciplinary resuscitation conference in NSW, so the Wavelength Emergency Medicine Recruitment Team was there in force to soak up all the latest trends and developments in resuscitation, cardiac arrest and trauma. Find out what you might have missed at the event!

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The Government is taking control of foreign doctors’ placements - what you need to know!

The Australian government announced reductions of foreign GP visas by 200 per year over the next four years. Read our blog for all you need to know now!

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