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With opportunities available mid-year or for the upcoming 2019 medical year, departments in Public and Private Hospitals across Australia are seeking confident Doctors to join their teams.

As a Career Medical Officer, you want to be sure that your next position finds you working with well-regarded Specialists that respect and value you, in a location that best suits your lifestyle needs.

Steph and her team at Wavelength can provide a range of CMO job options giving you more choice and ensuring you don't settle for second best, as well as taking the stress out of managing your applications and the paperwork that goes with it.

If you end up finding your ideal role with the help of Steph, we'll give you $1000* towards a well-earned break during your contract.

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*All doctors that sign a minimum 12-month contract by 31st December 2018, will receive a $1000 Flight Centre voucher one month into their new role

CMO Opportunities

Enjoy competitive salaries, flexibility, an escape from the competitive nature of training roles and a sense of being valued and respected by consultants. 


PGY3 Doctors

Are you a strong PGY3 doctor?

Several of our locums are working at the Registrar level getting brilliant experience in long-term locums now.

Register to find out how you too could get some experience as a Locum Registrar.

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In addition to finding you the job that suits your career and lifestyle aspirations, Steph will negotiate, manage and assist with any AHPRA or Visa requirements FREE of charge.

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We'll give you $1000* towards a well-earned break during your 12-month fixed term contract.