With nearly 20 years of experience, Wavelength offers unrivalled access to diverse roles in all medical specialties and seniorities.

Many of our locum roles are exclusive to Wavelength and include:

  • Top rates of pay - often including travel, accommodation and other benefits
  • Metro, rural and regional locations - public and private 
  • Placements for a few days to six months
  • Full time, part time and flexible working hours

We provide invaluable support at every stage of the recruitment process and work with you to plan a few days or months in advance – whatever fits your schedule.

Register for a no-obligation chat to see what sort of locum opportunities are available to you. We'd love to hear from you even if you're just considering locum work at this stage.

“Being a locum gives me lifestyle flexibility to choose when I want to work, where and when. There are always great opportunities with Wavelength. The biggest problem I face is deciding where my next placement will take me.”

- Dr Damien Mergard

"Wavelength offers an excellent end to end professional service. From my initial placement in Bunbury WA to locum assignments, I am always presented with compelling opportunities. The team represents me at the highest level, schedules interviews, provides feedback and secures me new roles. I would highly recommend Wavelength to my colleagues and I do."

- Dr Geoff Pincham

"Thinking of becoming a locum? Then strongly consider Wavelength as your agency. I have been with them since 2010 and have always found the team efficient and eminently reliable. Their efforts give me the unqualified feeling that my needs are uppermost on their agenda. They perform their management with adroitness and alacrity. I have no need to give any other locum agency a second look."

- Dr Edwin Elcock

“Wavelength offers a friendly supportive role as a locum agency. The team shows attention to detail in placing you at a hospital or clinic and have such a great range of positions available, I don't look anywhere else when it comes to considering my next locum placement.”

- Dr Michael Sewell